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Kinou kanashii yume wo mitayo nazeka Anata ga inai kodokuna asa Kowakute namae yobitsuzukete naita Kodomo mitaini karadajyuu dehitori ja imi wo motanai Mono ga afurete yuku Toritomenakute gomen'ne Iitai koto wa tada Itsuka kiete yuku unmei demo Kagayaite itaiyo saigo made Plugin W. Media Player Winamp. Editar playlist. The youthfulness of the moon, its reflection of their own love, is echoed by the stars themselves.

Whether or not the lovers themselves will endure, their love will. The moon is witness to their love. The eponymous didi Jayshree of this film finds herself, on the festival of Bhai Dooj, far away from her brother Sunil Dutt. She gets everything ready for the pooja , and ropes in the moon to send her message of love to her bhaiya. She wishes the moon well: prays that its light may increase—if only it will carry her love to her brother. And then, because her brother looks like the moon, and because he is not here, she offers to hug the moon as proxy for her bhaiya.

Sweet song, and possibly the only song about Bhai Dooj unlike Rakshabandhan, for which there are songs aplenty? O raat ke musaafir chanda zara bataa de Miss Mary , : The moon may be messenger, the moon may be silent onlooker. The sentinel of the night—or an arbitrator, a magistrate sitting in judgement.

What is his crime? What started off as a mock lament ends up as a somewhat light-hearted mutual pulling of legs. Chanda re jaa re jaa re Ziddi , : While aficionados of s Hindi film music may recognize this song without any added references, for the rest of us this might recall a much later song. To the tune of Chanda re jaa re jaa re. Which, coincidentally or not?

But, on to the real song, the moon song. This is a lovely little song, begging the moon to tell the lost lover to come. I love the gentle, slow way this song starts, and the way it picks up subsequently. You pass the buck on, to the moon. You sing and dance, and tell the moon that when it turns up the next night, it should bring your beloved along. Chanda re chhupe rehna Lajwanti , : Interestingly, Lajwanti had not one but two songs addressed to the moon.

The second one, picturized on Baby Naaz, is a school performance: Chanda mama mere dwaar. The first one, picturized on Nargis and a baby, is this sweet little lullaby that is in some ways reminiscent of Nanhi kali sone chali : the devoted and protective mother exhorts nature—the chameli flower, the moon itself—to not disturb her sleeping child Yes. I can understand that: once my baby went to sleep, I would happily skin alive anybody who came along and woke her up!

Jaa jaa re chanda jaa re Private Secretary , : And, to end, a song that is a little different from all the others, in that it has nothing to do with love of any kind, romantic or other.

The moon here is not a stand-in for anyone; the singer is not thinking of someone else and using the moon as a convenient but passive listener. No; this song is actually addressed to the moon, and nothing but the moon. Jayshree Gadkar plays a woman who finds herself utterly friendless and miserable.

She has escaped a wedding to a brute, and in her mad scramble for freedom, ends up completely without anybody to turn to. The moon is her only friend—or not, because even its moonlight burns her. Dilip Dholakia, who composed this lovely song, probably realized how good it was, since it appears several times in Private Secretary , with the repeated verses appearing as vocals without instrumentation to support them.

Watch this space. Madhu ji, Very timely post. One small step for a man and one giant step for mankind! The Apollo 12 astronauts completed just shy of eight hours of extravehicular work.

Bean stands next to the Surveyor 3 spacecraft. The Surveyor missions sent unmanned spacecrafts to the lunar surface to photograph the surroundings and collect soil samples. Surveyor 3 was sent to the moon in April , more than two years before manned missions began. Apollo 12 landed approximately feet from the spacecraft in the Ocean of Storms. This photo, taken near the landing site of the Intrepid lunar module, was one in a series of 25 photos intended to provide a degree view of the lunar surface.

The next successful moon landing was in February Apollo 14 was the first landing in the lunar highlands. This mission featured a familiar face in the space travel community.

The commander of Apollo 14 was Alan Shepard, the first American to travel into space. On this mission, NASA included a trolley to help the astronauts move the heavy equipment packages from the lunar module to their designated spots on the moon. The two men spent NASA astronauts returned to the surface of the moon on multiple missions, however, no human has touched down on the natural satellite's surface since New Space Race? See how China, India, Japan and Russia are developing missions to send astronauts to Mars in the next two decades.

President Barack Obama invited the crew of Apollo 11, the first manned moon landing, to the White House this week to mark the 45th anniversary of their mission. Yahoo Life. Yahoo News Video. Yahoo News Photo Staff. Yahoo News.

Sep 22,  · () - Original Version (5'23'') "IN YOUR EYES" from Video Album 「Vision Formula」CD track 2 (WPC / ) Best Album 「7th anniversary BEST」 track 9 (WPC /

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  1. Watch the video for Airmail from the Moon from TWO-MIX's 7th Anniversary Best for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.
  2. AIRMAIL FROM THE MOON; DISCHARGE; STANCE OF RESISTANCE; Information. 7th Anniversary BEST is TWO-MIX's fourth best album. The album reached #58 on weekly Oricon charts and charted for one week. External Links. Oricon Profile.
  3. Oct 06,  · TWO-MIX; Album 7th anniversary BEST; Licensed to YouTube by WMG (on behalf of WM Japan); Muserk Rights Management, and 1 Music Rights Societies Two-Mix - Airmail from the Moon - Duration:
  4. Two-mix - Airmail From The Moon (Letras y canción para escuchar) - Kinou kanashii yume wo mitayo nazeka / Anata ga inai kodokuna asa / Kowakute namae yobitsuzukete naita / Kodomo mitaini karadajyuu dehitori ja imi wo motanai /.
  5. “Airmail to the Moon” is title such most likely since our protagonist Ora, whose nickname is Oreo, repeatedly says the saying “I’m gonna open up a can of gotcha and send ‘em airmail to the moon!”. She repeats this phrase because she is upset that her tooth she lost recently has gone missing and she believes someone stole it and that 4/5(16).
  6. airmail from the moon love formula pure disc 2 technopolis -new genesis endless communication custom 1st rhythmic youth 1st justice 他の収録cd:two-mix『7th anniversary best 』(同じ曲だが「justice」と表記されている).
  7. TWO-MIX 年 CD7th anniversary BEST全 1 枚 : 14 曲 楽天市場で商品を検索する(別ウィンドウで表示します)TWO-MIX 7th anniversary BEST [CD] 収録内容(YouTubeで検索・別ウィンドウで表示します)【ディスク1】1. LA VIE EN ROSE2. Body Makes Stream3. MAXIMUM WAVE4. NAKED DANCE5. LOVE FORMULA-FREEDOM Gravity Zero7. LAST TEARS-I DON’T CRY ANYMORE.
  8. Apr 04,  · AIRMAIL FROM THE MOON (6'05'') - LOVE FORMULA PURE (5'30'') TWO-MIX; Album 7th anniversary BEST; Licensed to YouTube by WMG (on behalf of WM Japan); Muserk Rights Management, and 1 Music.

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