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Get unlimited access to the largest streaming library with limited ads Watch on your favorite devices Switch plans or cancel anytime. For personal and non-commercial use only. Compatible device and high-speed, broadband Internet connection required. Armes and The Investigators soldiered on through the criticism and were able to continue their detective work relatively unabated. Armes ran as an outsider and promised to whip into shape a department that he characterized as lazy and ineffective.

He promised to end police corruption and implement physical fitness requirements for officers. One campaign flier had a picture of Armes alongside John F.

Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Indeed, despite the indelicacies of his tenure, Armes did have a reputation for getting things done. Just look at his hooks. All the while, of course, Armes was continuing his work as a private eye and actively getting to the bottom of cases all around the world.

Back in the restaurant the next morning, the standoff continued. The book had convinced Weber that they were private eyes, but this also meant they had no legal authority so far from home. Armes suddenly pounded his hooks on the table. Plus, with his girlfriend having kicked him out, he was now basically homeless. Thailand may not have had an extradition treaty with the U.

On cue, Jay III said he was going to call the local police and got up and walked down a hallway to use the phone in the lobby. Just remember, you brought this on yourself. Instead, he stood out of view and watched Weber squirm.

He returned to the table 10 minutes later and said that the police would be there soon. Weber looked like he might make a run for it, but instead said he needed to go to the bathroom and quickly walked away. Jay III stood outside the stall as Weber audibly had diarrhea, a common response to extreme stress.

This development was reported to Armes, who was elated — they had literally scared him shitless. Ultimately, Weber realized that he had to hedge his bets and accept that The Investigators were who they said they were — bounty hunters who only needed the body for lawsuit purposes. Armes took it a step further: If he told them about Lynda, they would help him renew his passport, advance him some of the expected proceeds from the wrongful death lawsuit, and leave him be in Thailand.

Weber nodded and sighed. The father and son resisted the urge to look at each other in amazement. Armes asked his son to call the police back and tell them they were no longer needed. W eber said his path to homicidal action began when he strained his back doing manual labor. His mother had given him some painkillers, which he said had knocked him out. He slept fitfully and thought obsessively about Lynda. When he woke up, he was convinced that he needed to kill her.

He got up and went out to eat with his parents, who were completely unaware what was brewing in his brain. He was dressed in black and carried with him a backpack containing rope, tape and a pistol. He parked in the quiet lot in front of the dorm, feeling the heft of the gun. Then he put the gun in the bag, walked into the building, and took the elevator nine floors up to her room.

Lynda was clad in pajamas and was surprised to see him. She tentatively invited him inside, thinking it was best to appease him and then get him to leave.

Weber stared at her. She stared back uncomfortably. He pulled out the pistol and shot her six times. The homemade silencer did little to quiet the shots, and the deafening gunfire was followed by an equally thunderous silence. Weber strained his ears, expecting to hear the arrival of curious dormmates or the wail of a police siren, but an hour went by and nobody seemed to have noticed that anything had happened.

He had fully expected to be arrested after the deed and was considering killing himself as the police closed in, but now he had to rethink his plans. He carried the hamper down a flight of stairs and got into the elevator with another student, who remarked on the late-night laundry duties. Weber contemplated killing her too, but the conversation ended without any suspicion toward the bundle, and Weber dragged the hamper out to his car.

From there, Weber drove back to Robinson and buried the hamper under some car parts in a local landfill. Then he went home, parked the car, and went to sleep. He woke up and had breakfast with his family, and Lynda was reported missing the next day. Weber said that he got worried that the body could be easily discovered and decided to move it a little while later. He followed a winding access road as far as he could take it and stopped at a remote clearing.

Saying aloud for the first time everything that had transpired that grim April night, Weber looked deflated and sat back in his chair. He noted the convoluted route to get there and handed the map over to Armes. The meeting drew to a close. The Investigators gave Weber some money for a place to stay and went back to the United States.

S oon after they got back to the United States, The Investigators went to the location deep in the Arizona forest that Weber had indicated and were surprised at how accurate the map was. However, the task that awaited them revealed the unglamorous side of being a private investigator.

As it turned out, a railroad had once gone through the area and digging hole after hole yielded only a large pile of railroad spikes. It would be very difficult to find a metal belt buckle among all the scraps of iron. Armes said that they would not only buy him a ticket back to the U. Of course, this was complete nonsense, as they had no intention of letting Weber go free after they found where Lynda was buried. They would all get what they wanted, and nobody would have to know.

O n January 26, , The Investigators drove down a barely navigable path through the Coconino National Forest with Weber in the back seat. He looked out the window nervously, trying to spot anyone who might be hidden among the trees. It was a surreal experience, like stepping firsthand into an old memory. Getting to this point had come together exactly as planned. From there, the group took the private jet to Flagstaff and drove to the national forest.

Alongside Armes and Weber were some men documenting the dig with video cameras, ostensibly for insurance purposes. Eventually, the vehicle came to the spot in the clearing where Weber said Lynda was buried.

Weber got out of the car and was mildly relieved to see that the snow was undisturbed, a good indication that nobody was there waiting for them. Still, Weber was more on edge than ever, and he looked around nervously as he walked them to the grim location.

Even to seasoned private eyes who had seen a lot, it was still gasp-inducing to see a foot protruding from the dirt. They gingerly uncovered more of the body, and saw that she was wearing shorts with a metal belt buckle, just as Weber had said. Even the spaces between the trees seemed to be watching him. What the fuck was he doing there?

The group got back in the car and retraced their route away from the burial site. Weber watched the clearing recede and sat low in his seat. About yards down the road, the trees around the car came alive. A few agents ran up to the passenger side, pulled one of the cameramen out through the window, and threw him on the ground.

When they realized they had the wrong person, they went back to the car and yanked Weber out, then handcuffed him as he lay facedown in the dirt and snow. Armes had initially received a noncommittal response about putting some agents on the ground, but the FBI eventually confirmed that they would be watching for his private plane when it arrived in the area. When word came that Armes had Weber in tow and would actually be bringing him to the burial site, the agents moved out and got into position.

A funeral ceremony was held for Lynda at a Buddhist temple in Chicago in early February , and a scholarship was established in her name at Northwestern University. I knew that. But he was someone who wanted to set the agenda. Weber shook his head once in response to something Armes said but otherwise stayed quiet. But Weber also argued that he was coerced into confessing by The Investigators and a group of four hired Thai agents who loomed nearby during their conversation, and that someone in the group had had a gun trained on him for much of the interrogation.

Given the abundance of evidence against Weber — including his confession and hand-drawn map — prosecutors would almost certainly be seeking the death penalty. The Singshinsuk family ultimately decided to accept a guilty plea in exchange for a life sentence in order to avoid a lengthy trial. Armes claimed some credit for convincing the family that this way Weber actually had it worse. Weber was ultimately sentenced to 75 years in prison — 70 years for the murder and five more for concealing a homicidal death.

Weber, who declined to share his side of the story for this article, is currently incarcerated at the Graham Correctional Center in south-central Illinois and will be eligible for parole in when he is O n November 18, , a U.

Border Patrol agent named Rogelio Martinez radioed that he was going to investigate an unknown disturbance near a culvert in the rural expanse of Culberson County, miles east of El Paso.

Martinez eventually died of his injuries, and although the FBI conducted dozens of interviews and an extensive investigation, the agency concluded that the cause of death could not be determined.

Some people close to the agent were unimpressed with this conclusion and suspected that foul play was involved, and they hired Armes to see what he could find out about that night. As he nears his 10th decade of life, Armes often asks his wife why the Lord still has him here. Every time he expects that the resolution of a case will satisfy the itch to investigate, he finds he is still compelled to take on more cases.

I like to solve those cases. Armes has also run for office a few times since his tenure as a city councilor in the early s. His bid for a city council seat in ended with a lawsuit and countersuit between him, the winning candidate and a judge over alleged intimidation at a polling place.

Two years later, a fight broke out among supporters of Armes and another candidate during yet another council bid. After that, Armes put his political ambitions behind him and focused only on the thing he loves most: private investigating. The elder Armes is at the same time boastful and modest when reflecting on the Weber caper. But there was satisfaction in providing the forlorn family with a definitive answer — and an affirmation of the legend he has built for himself and The Investigators.

After more than six decades in the business, Armes maintains a single-minded dedication to his work. The more I draw on myself, the more I find I have left. O n October 3, , a year-old man went to sleep on a green tarp, under plaid and camouflage blankets, in downtown Eugene, Oregon.

A bus camera captured his prostrate form next to a wall on Pearl Street at p. Within minutes, their paths connected, calamitously. By the time police arrived, five minutes after a p. Strewn about were his tooth, a blood-soaked ushanka fur hat with ear flaps, a Swiss Army knife, black boots, a watch, Yogi tea packets, matches and a tobacco pouch. It was a tree-shrouded location on a dark night with no witnesses.

Two miles across town, at p. She reached for her notepad. At the crime scene, Sergeant Tim Haywood paused while processing the evidence. The tragic tale demonstrates how our society often fails the most vulnerable among us, be they homeless, mentally ill, or neglected and abused young people.

It illuminates tough questions about the limits of justice, redemption and forgiveness. The pair arrived on the scene at p.

Video at p. The attack occurred seconds later. He was hit in the head with the rock nine or 10 times, the medical examiner testified. He said he might have hurt someone really bad or might have killed them. He seemed like he was going to cry. Eugene police discovered that the teenagers had passed near the downtown bus terminal, and they worked with security to collect video of them. During the week after the murder and before their arrest, the star-crossed lovers celebrated their first anniversary in the apartment where they shared a bedroom.

A life lived decades ago in half a dozen states and reviewed through the lens of grief can be hard to fathom. But those who knew Ovid Neal recall a man full of verve and adventure. None foresaw the horrors to come. Named after a Roman poet, Ovid — whom virtually everyone, including Detective Curry, seems to have called by his first name — was born in Inglewood, California, on March 22, His father, Ovid Neal Jr.

He fearlessly fished a Texas pond, his friend Javed Akhund recalls, even after venomous water moccasin snakes surfaced. An old photo shows him tanned and in shape, with a small moustache and full head of curly brown hair. In the first hand of the last game, Teddy was playing dealer and had had the big blind out while Mike had the small blind out and acted first.

In a heads up match, the dealer is the small blind and is the first to act. The "municipal workers" that Worm refers to, the cops in the upstate New York game, are driving county police vehicles in their civilian clothes, which is absolutely not allowed and the Sheriffs know that it risks their job for "misappropriation of government property". Check cashing businesses never cash personal checks on the same day; they require a day waiting period so the check can clear.

The filmmakers have stated in interview with ESPN. Mike enters the Troopers card game wearing a jacket, is thrown out of the game without it, and is shown later wearing the jacket again. But you can barely hear the jacket get thrown onto the ground after him. The bowler must deliver the ball below the head but above the knee of the batsman and over the batting square. The batsman must strike at a good ball and attempt to run a rounder even if he misses the ball or fails to strike at it in a counterclockwise direction around the first, second, and third posts and so home to the fourth post, though he may stay at any of the first three.

Three consecutive bad balls secure half a rounder for the batsman. He is out if the ball is caught on the fly; if the base post to which he is running is touched with the ball; or if, while running, he is touched with the ball by a fielder.

As in cricket , the ball may be hit in any direction, but if it goes behind the batting square, the batter may run only to first post until the ball has been thrown back past the square. Nine players constitute a side, and two innings with nine outs apiece are played in each match. Dilan had some simple advice for other young people who had their sights set on a future in business. Showing leadership and having following a passion were vital, 'because when you have the two you will become successful no matter what.

Dilan said knowing the Pizza Hut business from the ground up had stood him in good stead to run his own store. Asked for a specific tip for budding entrepreneurs, Dilan quoted the American rapper Pitbull.

Choosing a career in business so early had initially caused his parents some concern. He had no plans for future studies. Dilan was clear about what personal quality had allowed him to take on so many responsibilities at such a young age.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Argos AO. Scroll down for video. Share this article Share. Dilan Elia's business tips for other budding young entrepreneurs. Share or comment on this article: How a Sydney school boy who started work at Pizza Hut aged 14 became a store owner at just 18 e-mail 3. Comments 31 Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search.

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