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Laurent, styling by Galadriel Masterson. By Libby Zay. By Stephanie J. By Deb Amlen. By Esther Pearl Watson. So why devote so much space to the unfairer sex? Well, sure, but dedicating an issue to men every once in a while is not at all inconsistent with our mission.

But Mr. And for dessert? Yes, that Elvis. All that, plus adorably androgynous fashion, cute chain crafts, yummy book and music reviews, and plenty more to satisfy your appetite for lady stuff.

Dig in! No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the permission of the publisher. Reading story made me want to hang out with America and Amber. Nobody will love me better than I love myself, right? So thank you for the spread.

This summer I visited Turkey with my best friend, Kimberly, and here we are in Istanbul, reading our favorite magazine in front of the famed Hagia Sophia mosque. Hallie Engel, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Get it off your chest! Email: letters bust. Include your name, city, state, and email address.

Letters may be edited for length and clarity. When not drawing fancy letters, she can be found obsessing about her cats, furniture, and pork-laden food dishes. Stephanie J is the editor and founder of N. Stephanie is also a freelance Web designer and magazine contributor. When not being a total Internet geek, her interests include cigarettes and alcohol, soul searching, and Star Trek.

Along the way, she met and married Dwight Stuart, one of the richest men in America, and quickly found herself on such shows as Oprah, Montel, and Geraldo discussing the pinnacles and pitfalls of romance and relationships.

Mandell, 40, and fellow celebrated L. The threepart harmonies are so beautiful. According to the Sisters, the running theme of the project was for it to be as relaxing and organic as possible. It was just meant to be. But the most striking thing about the group might be the amount of genuine mutual admiration that shines around the table when the three women—each a powerhouse performer in her own right— discuss the project.

Then ChatRoulette. Just log on no screen name is required , and you can instantly see and hear another random user. The results are entertaining at best and horrifying at worst, but usually a bizarre good time. Bette Davis is rolling over in her grave. I love my body, my curves, my hips, my giant boobs, and my tush. Featuring over 50 of the hottest crafty vendors from across the nation, selling the very best in handmade wares—from clothing, cards, and posters to jewelry and gifts!

Drinks, DJs, dancing, eats, and more! Weirdo girls like Gaga also should never be mistaken for different girls, those snarky.

But what does it mean to be weird and female? That might be the weirdest thing about weird these days: that mainstream audiences are getting such potent doses and loving it. If you look around the entertainment world, you might notice other weird sisters doing it for themselves.

Angelina Jolie was a weirdo slightly before her time, at the Oscars, when she showed up looking like Morticia Addams and snogged her brother. Lady Gaga would most likely be a pop star just for her ability to sing, dance, write preternaturally catchy songs, and show off her butt cheeks in leggy costumes. But she seems to know that, as an audience, we want far more.

She knows that our demand for multitalented, high-performance dazzle is matched only by our thirst for human train wrecks. Perhaps weirdness is the new evolutionary trait for female celebrities; maybe fame will become a survival of the weirdest. You think it looks fun, then hurry to open your own gift—which turns out to be a pastel-colored inverse of his.

This was one arena in which little girls have always been allowed to spar alongside their brothers. Somewhere along the line, however, the good, clean fun became eroticized.

Muscular Maidens of the Lake. By the time WOW! Think you know how the Playhouse got back on top? Then take the quiz! Pee-wee Herman is a character created by actor Paul Reubens. Reubenstein b. Rabinowitz c. Rubenfeld d. Rasputin 2. Reubens made his TV debut in on what show? Maude b. Sesame Street c. The Gong Show d. Fantasy Island 6. The Roxy b. The Viper Room c. Whiskey a Go Go. The Groundlings b. Second City a. Quentin Tarantino b. John Waters c.

The Upright Citizens Brigade d. The Kids in the Hall c. John Hughes d. After the arrest, the Pee-wee character was retired for almost 20 years. New York b. London c. Buenos Aires d. Los Angeles Scientologist c.

Republican Answer Key: 1. While in that troupe, Reubens developed his Peewee Herman character with help from what future Saturday Night Live cast member? Bill Murray b. Gilda Radner c. Dana Carvey d. Phil Hartman. It started as a labor of love that gained a cult following on YouTube in I like construction paper and drawing pictures and making stuff with my hands.

She keeps a food journal on her Web site, www. Do you like it? Are you full now? Starring comedy duo Johanna Hosking and Jenny Rask, both 38, each episode on www. Hosking and Rask discovered a mutual interest in raising environmental awareness over their decade-long friendship in L.

Hosking and her family recently moved back to England, but not before she and Rask recorded a bunch of new instructisodes, including one about eco-friendly transportation that features a rented donkey.

And they have plans to expand their site too, with diary entries from their characters and videos shot on the other side of the pond. Gibson girls, bohemians, and screen sirens are just a few of the style initiators that will be featured through August The all-female function promises sketch troupes, onewoman shows, dance ensembles, and stand-up comedians that will have you rolling in the aisles.

Check out laff. Visit bsupreme. They are among over 1. Characterized by widespread murders, abductions, civilian mutilations, sexual assaults against women and children, mass destruction of homes and property, and the recruitment of child soldiers, the war began in and raged for close to two decades.

Since the Ugandan peace process, an uneasy calm has returned to the region, but even years after peace was declared, those left in the camps are still living with minimum shelter, nutrition, and hygiene.

A celebration, Katie thought, could bring the community together and become a testament to the fact that the refugees were now free to start a new life. To make her plan a reality, Katie enlisted the help of Carol Halton from the U. Meanwhile, back in Pader,. Since the wedding, Katie has continued using the donations she gathered to help the refugee community. It sent the camp the message that the war is over—you can celebrate now and live in expectation instead of fear.

In fact, it was recently reported in The London Times that by , more than 24 million Chinese men of. Who knows? Maybe Mother Nature will step in and start messing with gender biology to equal out the imbalance, like. So, how is China reacting?

Are they dropping their family-planning policies? Apparently, not yet. Or maybe China will just end up with a country full of only boys. Of that number, 25 are women. Not that impressive, until you realize that in the late s, the. How much so? Well, in , only 4 percent of wives made more money than their husbands, while 22 percent did in To create your frame, place one dowel perpendicularly over the second dowel, a couple of inches higher than the midpoint. Secure by wrapping masking tape where the dowels cross.

Place the frame on your bag, and cut from the ends of the spine to the ends of the spar. Turn your sail front-side down and place your frame on top. Secure each point of the sail to the ends of the dowels using 2" pieces of masking tape: lay 1" on the front side of your sail, then wrap remaining 1" tape over tip of dowel and onto opposite side of the sail. To create a bowstring mounting tab, cut one 4" piece of masking tape.

Place a toothpick about 1" from the end on the sticky side. Wrap the 1" of tape over the toothpick to create a doubled tab there should be 2" of sticky-sided tape remaining. Use another toothpick to poke a hole through the center of the doubled tape, right below the wrapped toothpick. Snap off uncovered toothpick ends. Stick the tab to the front of the sail at one end of the spar.

To create the horizontal bowstring, cut a piece of string about 5" longer than your spar. Take one end of the string and pull it through the hole you poked through the tape tab. Secure around the tab with a double knot.

Pull the string carefully across the sail to create a slight curve in your spar, then secure the other end of the string to the second tab. When bowed properly, the distance from the center of the string to the point where the dowels cross should be approximately 2"— 3".

If your dowels begin to crack as you bend them, wrap some masking tape around the area. Cut any excess string. Measure the midpoint between the top of the kite and where the dowels cross; then using a toothpick, poke two holes through the sail on either side of the spine.

The Manchurian Candidate can. Wireless microwave radiation forced exposure from the cradle to the grave for this generation. It ought not be so.

The microwave transmitters are in direct proximity to their reproductive organs. Not sleeping well these days? EASY DEASY, cuz kids are coming to your board meetings with teachers complaining about nosebleeds, insomnia, bleeding from their ears and all kinds of problems that your staff refuses to file incident reports on.

They never got them? Why did you pull wireless of the shelf at the last board meeting? Petaluma superintendent Steve Bolman- children need to be irradiated as I call the cops on you. Richard M. Sheehan-We like you better with your glasses on. I always wondered why his office was all the way at the end of the hall. FSD Superintendent Robert Pletka drunk on wireless technology and high on common core-He could stop this if he wanted to.

Fullertons very own Dr. Oh but she loves the veterans so much that she wants to give them a cemetery while they drop like flies at the VA. No pregnancy means no abortions which means no body parts and no dinero for your proud eugenicist monster sponsor that is a creation from the pit of hell. Some people will do anything for money. Autism conference host where the solution is a room full of drug pushers and vaccine inventors while he and his cohorts totally ignore the wireless connection to the epidemic.

No respect I tell ya. Well since you asked? Oh but he beats the war drum so loud you need noise cancelling headphones. Huge cash donor to wireless classroom technology-silent on our attempts to reach him. Ignores emails and board meeting presentations on how dangerous these classrooms are for children. Ignores repeated emails about the wireless connection to Autism and to top it off his charity group donates money for wirelesss technology to the FSD and blocks me from Facebook.

Roman Schulze. Ignores emails and board meeting presentations on how dangerous these classrooms are for children eventually resulting in me removing my eldest child from her school. She just smiles at everything. She looks like my neighbor, pretty trippy. Ignores emails and board meeting presentations on how dangerous these classrooms are for children and continues to direct money into technology with the fundraising efforts district wide.

She has also called the police on parents for handing out fliers on the sidewalk trying to warn parents of the dangers. My other three children were subsequently removed from the school. Home to probably the highest RF classroom readings in the state.

Ignores everything we ever sent her and continues on the path of forced microwave exposure for the children on the west side. Is this the apple connection for the FSD? Is this the husband of Fisler principal Trang Lai? Hey we can read.

Gail Lyons, who taught my kids Sunday school classes over at EV Free lent a deaf ear to my board meeting presentation, written materials and emails. The more things change, the more they remain the same. Not to mention the battle raging over the wireless in the schools that he is no stranger to. Ironically, as a matter of fact, after many failed attempts to reach him, with NO responses, this is what we get-.

Technical details of permanent failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain evfreefullerton. He gets into the education business. Common core is being rolled out all over the USA and it is being delivered in a wireless environment.

Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per — student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless. That thing will be in his lap tonight, under his pillow tonight, and back in his lap again tomorrow at school…and the band played on. Hilda literally married the boy up the block, Michael. Hilda taught a few years while her husband was training. She loved it. He is also President of the St. Jude Heritage Medical Group. They have two sons, Jason and Steven.

When the boys left for college, Hilda was on their college parent groups and even acted as a team mom. She led the successful Bond Drive for improving school facilities. Some know her as a force for 21st century education and implementation of schools of choice in the Fullerton School District. Nationally she serves on the Curriki Foundation and Project Inkwell.

The one thing that each of these activities have in common is their focus on children. Improving the quality of life and education of children is her passion. I can do it with my eyes closed as long as I am flanked by princess Leah. Schematic diagram showing formation of the fertilization envelope. Pulsed electromagnetic fields PEMFs have a number of well-documented physiological effects on cells and tissues.

No Comments. Posted by Joe Imbriano in Radiation experiments on school children on September 8, The more we expose it, the better. Susan D. We are strongly suggesting both were lacking as Dr. Lennart Hardell of Sweden.

From Acting Director John Ryan we received the following replies to our concerns, as did others who wrote with similar concerns:. All members of the working group agreed upon the preliminary opinion and its conclusions before the draft preliminary opinion was sent to the SCENIHR for approval.

No conflict of interest could be identified among members of the EMF working group or the stakeholder members. Ryan, that the Secretariat of the Scientific Committee assigned by Acting Director John Ryan may not have fully investigated the multiple conflicts of interest that Dr.

There has been excellent reporting on Dr. Four of these five Hardell studies found a statistically significant link between cell phones and gliomas — the deadliest of brain tumors, and acoustic neuromas. Both types of brain tumors are on the rise; prompting an unprecedented industry attempt around the world to suppress these statistics.

It should be noted that Dr. Weisberg of Superior Court in Washington D. Judge Weisberg is presiding over 13 consolidated lawsuits against the telecommunications industry in the United States. Never before has this happened in the US. Now the cases have been cleared by Judge Weisberg to proceed to trial. Not all science brought before the court was accepted. The science of Dr. Lennart Hardell —and again, this is Dr. It is critical to understand that the five more recently published studies by Dr.

Hardell, which cover more than 20 years and show an even greater statistically significant correlation than the science considered and accepted by Judge Weisberg, were tragically dismissed by Dr. Kjell Mild, co-author of four or five of the studies with Dr.

He chronicled his strong objection to the dismissal of this science in a letter many of us sent to Mr. Those efforts by Dr. Mild were in vain. It is clear Dr. There are two casualties in all of this cover-up: 1 the truth, and 2 the well-being of humanity. The telecommunications industry is concerned about the liability implications of these recent court cases, with several precedents linking cell phones and brain tumors being set in Europe.

Honest, brilliant scientists around the world are having their funding cut because the telecommunications industry puts pressure on the universities that fund RF radiation research. John Ryan detailed this concern. We believe Mr. Too many facts tell us otherwise. It is not a forgetful act.

It is a purposeful hiding of the truth. It is a crime against humanity. We implore you to open an investigation into this scientific fraud. An independent Charity Registered No. Posted by Joe Imbriano in Radiation experiments on school children on August 27, I am very pleased to announce that during the coming week, the District will be distributing over 6, iPads to all 5th through 8th grade students throughout our District as a part of our VIP Visual Innovation Program.

We are also committed to being your first source of information regarding our progress. We expect that this announcement will receive broad local news coverage, and we wanted to keep you apprised.

If soft tissue cancer results from wireless cell phone microwave exposure, what do we make of this wireless iPad microwave exposure? Robert Singer Ph. Dr Dariusz Leszczynski, Adjunct Professor, Division of Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the University of Helsinki and a member of a working group of 31 scientists from 14 countries constituted by World Health Organization WHO that classified cellphone radiation as possibly carcinogenic, in conversation with Maitri Porecha, r eveals how leading cell phone operators and manufacturers are withdrawing funding for research, leading to closing down of laboratories studying effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields as emitted by wireless devices, cellphones and cell towers.

Is this what you signed your kids up for gang? They might as well just put a cell tower in the room. Fullerton has quite the establishment folks. Its roots runs deep and dark in my opinion. It involves the schools, the city hall crowd, the FPD and even some of the wanna be big timers who play church on Sundays.

In 2 weeks, more iPads will be going into the laps of Fullerton school children forcing households to install wireless connectivity so that they can do their homework. Anyone want to join? It is great for the children.. I believe the children of those who value their wallets over their own flesh and blood will soon learn the hard way. Their parents ignored the fact that the jury on wireless has been in for decades.

The verdict was found to be comprised of cancer, ADHD, autism and infertility. Check out these women who are along for the ride:. Fitzgerald she needs to spend a little less time at the hair salon and devote a lot more time to dealing with reality. Yes it is one big happy party for these deniers. Fullerton Councilwoman Jan Flory voted to place a watt cell tower next to a school and voted to place a homeless shelter next to a school.

I feel a draft. The tower is approved. I just want to cozy up with my establishment cronies and union hacks. Just get me over to the arboretum. How much does the city get for the tower lease again? I wonder what Hughes is thinking while he poses for photo ops with Pletka? What about the five F. I am attempting to understand all of the data, not being a scientist, it is pretty complicated. I am continuing to follow up to ensure that we are doing what we need to do in researching the issues that you have and I know that our superintendent has been communicating with you regarding the progress of the testing.

I do understand your passion for this topic and do appreciate your concern. I want you to know that even though I do not comment back in the board meetings, your concerns are being heard. I wonder what Joe is here to talk about tonight? Why do wireless and microwaves always get a pass? Close your eyes and pretend this is all a conspiracy theory while the emission levels go off the charts all around us.

This stuff is not natural and is trillions of times the normal background levels. Wake up. When Federal Legislation is written to forcibly irradiate you and your children with categorical exemptions for cellular infrastructure jammed down our leaders throats, the last thing we need is ill informed, spineless lackeys and educrats making health decisions for you and your children in areas where there are no categorical exemptions like classrooms.

I wonder. Yeah the government never lies and scientists would never serve up results catered to order. Folks that is exactly what we have and you are all going along for the ride. So why do they roll the dice with your kids? Well, I wonder if any of these cats opened The Word to 1 Timothy that was staring them in the face on the back of the pew at their little shin dig last week. So why do they roll the dice with your kids again? In closing, I have been asked to please share this letter with the world.

Tiffany submitted to genetic testing and, as a family, we underwent genetic counseling. By November of , Tiffany had a left mastectomy, radiation therapy and reconstructive surgeries at Hopkins and we were convinced that the cancer had been removed and obliterated by 6 weeks of radiation therapy.

Tiffany underwent surgery to insert a plate into her left hip as a stabilizer and 2 weeks of radiation to treat the tumor that was quite sizeable. She currently is undergoing monthly Zometa IV treatments for 2 years and daily Tamoxifen treatments for 5 years.

We most recently June have been informed that according to her latest PET scan, her cancer has metastasized to her liver. Cell phone manufacturers KNOW there is a danger otherwise they would not include it in their verbage. We are only asking for it to be better seen by the consumer at the point of sale for the sole purpose of heeding caution and for nothing more. Have you and your family heeded the advice your cell phone manufacturer recommends?

Traci Frantz. To the fool, the ultimate way to electronically babysit while you all wine a bit. I am telling you, your children are gonna lose it all. I believe that there are no accidents here gang. I believe that this is all being done on purpose. They are jamming wireless down your throats and up your backsides. Posted by Joe Imbriano in Radiation experiments on school children on August 20, Yet while out of the other side of his mouth, refers to humans as dangerous animals. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.

BILL Gates: Over this decade, we believe unbelievable progress can be made, in both inventing new vaccines and making sure they get out to all the children who need them.

We could cut the number of children who die every year from about 9 million to half of that, if we have success on it. We have to do three things in parallel: Eradicate the few that fit that profile — ringworm and polio; get the coverage up for the vaccines we have; and then invent the vaccines — and we only need about six or seven more — and then you would have all the tools to reduce childhood death, reduce population growth, and everything — the stability, the environment — benefits from that.

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date November 13, Track Listing. Hey Kirby. The Vectors. Take a look at how great they all and then look at you". His breath quickened on that last one, how could they have? No, no this is all just some game! They don't actually know about what happened They couldn't know The only person who knew was Ashido!

How do they know about that?! He lost it. His mind filling with too many memories, too many repressed memories that he didn't want to see.

The sidewalk where he dropped his bag. They alleyway the villain appeared in. The girls under him cowering in fear. The cracks in the building he threatened to drop on them if they didn't answer him. The weird static news from the radio around its neck.

It's tall towering figure wrapped in cloth. His feet unmoving as he watched. The sweat on his forehead as he thought about going over there. The rushing blood in his heart that told him ' NO don't do it '. Why would it tell him no? His heart dropped to his stomach. That one, that one he knew from experience. He kept telling himself that he couldn't be a hero after the incident, that if he can't protect people then what good was being a hero really for? They were trying to get to him again, by bringing up the past they were trying to get him to crack.

For what, he didn't know, but he wouldn't let them get him that easily. He thought back on the day out with Fatgum and Tamaki-senpai, why did it have to go so wrong? He went out for only a day and then this happened, had they been waiting for him?

He honestly didn't know, they could have got him when he was eating breakfast with them, but they came at a specific time, near that alleyway, they must have seen them walking to the shops since they took the same pathway back and waited for them in that alley. His eyes widened as he remembered something from the walk back and he smiled, a small bearly there smile, but he got his distraction.

He began to hum the song he heard Tamaki-senpai mumble on the walk back, loud and clear over the sounds of those dark comments, flushing them out completely. He tried to picture in his head the atmosphere of the little sitting area they had sat in for breakfast that morning, the lavender sky breaking though with the warm glow of the rising sun as the morning mist created a cool and brisk air around them.

The smells of all the different carts invading his senses as he felt his mouth water at the overwhelming smells of so many dishes. He could hear the bustle of the morning round as people were up and hurrying to get to work or just out for a bite juts like them, there were happy screeches of the kids on the way to school, workers on the phone as they quickly flew by them and happy couples walking hand and hand through the sweet smelling morning.

He could see Tamaki-senpai and Fatgum so closely from here, Tamaki was showing off a new trick he learned with his quirk by turning his mouth into a beak and Kirishima could remember he laughed so hard he almost fell off the bench at the resemblance he made to Tokoyami and wished he had taken his phone with him if he hadn't been so excited to send his friend the picture.

Fat was helping himself to another platter of yaki onigiri while sending bright smiles and fond gazes in his and Tamaki's direction when he thought they weren't looking they always caught them, he wasn't that subtle, but neither said anything of them, content to let them continue on. As his humming grew louder he began to smile more while holding his eyes shut to remember the day and everything in between and pretend that maybe, just maybe he could open his eyes and be right there again, away from all this Cube mess.

He risked a glance once he hadn't heard the dark voice after a while and almost jumped back in shock. He looked around and he could spot the carts off to the side behind a small fence, and he stepped back in a rush when a cyclist sped past him and he turned around to look at the sun. It burned his eyes as it rose slowly and he took a breath of fresh morning air and felt himself shake.

Was he actually here?! Was all of that just a stupid dream?! Please be a dream, please be a dream please be a-. What's the matta? You gonna join us or what? They were right in front of him as Tamaki-senpai was looking through the menu and Fat was waving him over.

He felt relief rush through him as he bound towards the table to meet them and sat down in his spot while still grinning like an idiot. You guys were in it! And these other villains appeared out of nowhere and took me by shooting me in the neck! Like, how uncool is that?! What kinda dream? Was I as cool as I am now!? You're cool in any dream I'll have dude! No doubt about it! So there was this little creepy guy with scars all over his ears, and he jumped on us from an alley not far from here and then he-" he was cut off from his ramblings as an arm suddenly wrapped around his waist and a fourth tray of food was placed on the table as the new addition to the party arrived as they sat as close to Kirishima as possible, their thighs brushing with the arm still securely around his waist dragging him closer.

Kirishima startled slightly at the contact and turned to face their newest member and before any questions could leave his lips they shrivelled up and died on his tongue at the sight before him.

Bakugo Katsuki was sitting flush to his right side as he picked at a small bowl of rice before turning to face him with a small smirk on the side of his mouth that made him look even more angelic in this light than Kiri thought possible. Kirishima just stared while rubbing his forehead. Bakugo Katsuki. Thee Bakugo Katsuki was sat down right next to him for morning breakfast on the outskirts of town, a little whiles way from UA with his arm around Kirishima and a soft look on his face that made the red head blush to an extreme that he literally became a red head, face and all.

Why was he here?! He didn't remember this from before! But, if that was a dream He began to panic from his perch on the side of the bench now very acutely away of how little space there was in between them. The heat surging into his body from the blond was almost too much, his throat turned dry and his eyes were fixated on that cheeky smirk on Bakugo's face. He shivered slightly as the hand on his waist tightened and started drawing circles on the skin on his hip as Bakugo suddenly leaned in too close he could almost see the long lashes that brought out his eyes and the hand on his side did nothing to soothe him as now he had no where to go.

You look a little pale" A hand suddenly came forward and landed on his forehead checking his temperature before sliding down to cup the left side of his face and if Kirishima was to blush any more than he already was he's pretty sure he'd burst a blood vessel. This boy destroyed him sometimes. Kirishima paled at that. Since when? Why can't he remember? He was sure he'd have remembered if he and Bakugo were-. With that thought everything seemed to stop, any sounds suddenly cut off and the smells invading his senses ceased to exist, wafting away from him and leaving him cold and hungry at its loss.

Time froze and Fatgum and Tamaki disappeared into a cloud of dust in front of him as the whole world fell apart leaving on the bench he was sitting it as the rest of the world flaked away into the dark abyss bellow him. The only thing left was him and The image of Bakugo looking away with a sly smirk stayed with him until he shifted in his hold and he too fell away into the darkness.

At that moment he finally gasped and his eyes flew open when did he shut them? His lungs shook as he had trouble drawing in air when suddenly a stream of grey smoke retracted from around his neck and suddenly he could breath again. He shook on his knees as he heaved in long breaths as he tried to make sense of everything. It was a dream. Of course it was a dream, nothing could have been more prefect than that moment, to be out of there, to be amount friends again, to have Bakugo by his side.

He should have known it was all a fake. What stood in front of him was a short girl, she wore a long white dress with torn up sleeves around the wrists and covered in stains with a brown double buckle corset around her waist, strapped to the belt was a dagger sheath and a vile of some liquid on the other side. Half her face was hidden as her light brown hair covered up one side of her face before falling and bouncing at the small of her back, she also had two lightning bolt shaped strands of hair coming from the sides of her head on either side that stood still whenever she tilted her head to look at him.

Her eye that he could see was pure black and instead of a white iris it was a dark black too, similar to Ashido's eyes. She tilted her head to the right as Kirishima took in deep breaths before he looked her in the eye. You should be thanking me, I let you know what it felt like to be held by him, to be loved by him, seen as you'll never get to know that feeling again" She giggled into her hands, her happy expression not wavering in the slightest even through her harsh words that made Kirishima's heart plunge into his stomach.

He knew that already though. Bakugo was a hard enough person to become friends with at the start that becoming anything more was just him being greedy. He already got his attention and friendship, what could be better than that? He brushed aside a mountain of reasons and scenarios that would be better than that and contented himself with the thought that they were friends.

Bakugo himself even called them friends! Poor thing, love is a disappointment to all, isn't it? It's the brussel sprout of the family dinner. The unwanted emotion out of many that walks a trail of broken glass to a field of confinement.

I pity the souls who must bear it, for they don't know any better" she gave a tiny wave to the struggling hero and creates a door behind her as she walks through it backwards and then she was gone. Just like that. Kirishima stood still at the abruptness of her departure, staring at the wall in which she disappeared through and stood back down and scratched the back of his neck, wincing in pain as he accidentally used his injured arm that had miraculously healed itself during the illusion.

Man, this place was full of weirdos. Kirishima began making a mental note of all the people who have visited his little cube so far, first had been the crazy gun wielding Madam Ferrero Rocher he'll only ever recall her as Madam if he got to add his nickname to the pile , the crazy dual personality pumpkin patch girl Miss Sweet Tooth, creepy depressed tumblr poster that spoke to him in the dark, the stubby guy that looks like he had a fight with a shark and has a kink for watches, Clockwork, and now this little sadistic anti-romantic illusionist circus act that could pop in whenever she wanted, oh he was gonna have a great time here.

Finally getting some time to himself without being drugged seriously, rude he took in any new developments in the cube that could have happened, but nothing turned up, just an empty square room just like last time. He knew it was useless knowing they had the serum but he tried to activate his quirk to no avail. He just sighed and flopped onto the floor and tucked his knees up under his chin for a sense of warmth.

The cube wasn't cold per say, but it was a little chilly, especially now he didn't have Tamaki's cape with him, he was starting to miss being able to pull the hood down and over his face. Maybe he should add a cape to his hero costume? Or would that be too much? Would people consider he took the idea from All Might? Well, Aoayma doesn't seem to have any problems with comparisons, but that might be due to a different aspect than the cape. For someone who grew up living with his three loud and annoyingly cute sisters and two over affectionate mums, to then being shipped off to the dorms to live with his loud and equally affectionate classmates, suddenly being alone and stuck in silence was overwhelming and a bit concerning.

He was used to noise. To the screams of his younger sister Ayumi as she frantically ran around the house, to the yelling of his youngest sibling, Akira, telling her to shut up as she read her books in their room, and his oldest sister, Hotaru, trying to keep the calm and catch Ayumi before she fell. His mothers were no help, his Mum was simply laughing at the chaos of the house while his Mama tried to reprimand her for laughing until she too joins in once Akira opens the door to her and Ayumi's room to yell some more and Ayumi runs straight into it taking Hotaru down with her.

His house was a mess. But for the first time since moving to the dorms, Kirishima wanted nothing more than to go home and stay for a long time with his girls and their mess of a home. Gods he missed them. He missed everyone so much and it had probably only been a day. He always knew he cared about his friends at the dorms, knew it like it was second nature to him to care. He missed the dodging around Iida when his hands went into a flurry of motion, he missed Sato's home made brownies that made everyone stop by and gain a few calories, he missed listening to music with Tokoyami when they discovered they had the same music tastes when Kirishima's past emo phase was brought up, he missed Yaoyorozu coming to him and asking about all the new recent trends in fashion she had missed, he missed Ururaka pleading with him to do his hair for him and showing him off to the others much to his embarrassment when all he received was wolf whistles and compliments.

He missed all the small things he would notice around the dorms too. The fact that Aoayma sometimes left a trail of glitter wherever he went due to a new bath bomb, he missed the phone chargers that were left piled on the table in the common room ready for use when Kaminari was downstairs, he missed the occasional muttering he could hear whenever Midoriya was in thinking mode, he missed the shrieks of laughter whenever Hagakure snuck up on someone and caused a tickle fight, he missed the blond hairs that would scatter the floor whenever Ojiro brushed his tail out.

He even missed the annoying habits of his class mates he said he hated but secretly was very fond off. He missed how when walking a horror film the couch began to get colder when Todoroki got more scared before Midoriya leaned into his side and the temperature returned to normal, he missed the loud guitar solos at ten in the morning from Jiro, he missed the random pieces of tape scattered around the dorms ready to prank anyone who came near them from Sero, he missed how Shoji always seemed to know where he was and who he was without turning around when he tried to spook him, he missed the random appearances of Kota's rabbit that popped up in the most random if places, but it never hurt a little hug from the little guy before sending him back home, he missed the random appearances from Ashido when she jumps on his back for a piggy back, and he most certainly missed the creepy way flys would suddenly go missing as a large pink tongue shoots out of nowhere to catch the bugger and Asui acts like everything is normal.

He also missed seven o'clock study sessions that got longer and less productive once games are brought out. He missed the sounds of far away explosions during training and the excited laughs that followed. He missed waking up late in the mornings only to find a small bag full of breakfast behind his door.

He missed helping to cook dinner even if that only meant cutting up the vegetables or setting the table. He missed the half chocked laughs before being covered up by a hand less he expose himself.

He missed the soft look in red eyes whenever he did something stupid only to get yelled at for almost killing himself a second later.

He missed the way the setting sun illuminated sharp features and brought out orange highlights in blond hair. So yea, he missed his Blasty. Sue him. He's still a boy in love. Love almost too deep it scared him sometimes, but when he saw those eyes directed at him and a small smile curling around light pink lips he thinks sinking to the bottom wasn't a bad choice, not for him at least. Just as a sigh left his lips a small section of the once solid concrete wall collapsed on the other side. He was in a fighting position before the last section hit the ground but nothing came through.

There was no crazy person on the other end of this wall, but it could just be another illusion set up to trick him. He took a cautious step towards the hole and flinched when faint voices could be heard coming from inside. They didn't sound like any voice he had heard from so far but he was still on his toes ready for anything as he creeped towards the entrance to the hole and looked inside. Apparently 'ready for anything' didn't mean the damn floor collapsing and sending him tumbling down the long passage way before hitting his head roughly on the side of the wall.

Before he blacked out he could see two stiff figures turn in his direction, as blurry as they were now, and as darkness seeped into his vision once more, he thought. I have too many OC's, stop me while I'm ahead, there's like four more to come uuhhgg but I love them. No torture in the physical sense yet, but you can bet they'll do everything they can to make him break sorrynotsorry. That day in class had to have been one of the worst they'd ever had. Nobody could stop the feeling of wrongness in the air as their eyes gravitated towards their only empty chair before swallowing a cry and turning away.

Everyone felt off. Aizawa tried his best to teach his class, but they weren't as exuberant anymore, more mellow, as if a piece of them had literally been ripped out of them in the form of their spiky haired friend that always found the time to smile. There weren't that many smiles that day. And it didn't take a genius to tell it didn't just affect this one class.

Tetsutestu from class 1-B was more down than usual, his eyes cast downward at his hardened skin as if he could still see the tanned hand that reached for him back at the sports festival and he gave a loud sigh as he walked to class that morning.

Tamaki was no better, feeling as though the kidnapping was his fault to begin with. He kept his head down and shoulders high as he passed through clouds of students wishing he could just disappear and then he wouldn't have to see the sadness etched into the kids of the school, especially those who knew Kirishima personally. He wanted to pretend that the glares directed at him would bore right into him, because it was his fault, they should have someone to blame and if they wanted it to be him he wouldn't complain.

Mirio and Nejire tried to convince him that it wasn't his fault, that it was just a freak accident and he shouldn't be so hard on himself. Almost every tree for a miles in any direction in the garden of eden climate that are planted by virtually every municipality and homeowner is not fruit bearing along with their roundup sprayed inedible landscapes and we wonder how or why we could run out of food?

And you take this con job hook line and sinker. Yes it begs the question: do they cull out in the open or clandestinely? You actually think they are gonna let you collect on that pension as they fish out the king crab stocks just so and yours can go Norwegian cruising the globe and stuff your faces at the buffet? Here it is right here folks. Step right up and read all about it. Actually just point, click, and listen.

Amazingly, as you will see, that is how they intend to return this planet back to the wolves, as you paint with all the colors of the wind. You will not be disappointed. I personally guarantee it. Posted by Joe Imbriano in Radiation experiments on school children on April 1, Ferritin and iron levels in children with autistic disorder. I had originally posted this on but decided to pull it. However, I feel now is the time for this side of the story to be told.

In the summer of , I was working in a fast food restaurant while I was in high school. Foolishly, I put it in the microwave in its shiny foil wrapper. I pushed the power button and what happened next, I will never forget.

The dielectric breakdown of air, as a result of tremendous voltage spikes roughly equal to 3,, volts per meter and the resulting high concentrations of electric charge on the metal wrapper, generated by the magnetron in the microwave oven, was glowing blue and white right in front of my very eyes.

Pulse modulated wireless microwave radiation levels that we are all exposed to today in the frequency ranges that approach, equal or exceed the frequency at which the maximum dielectric loss of water occurs are in some cases trillions of times the levels that we and our parents were exposed to as children.

These emissions are three dimensional and penetrate every cubic nanometer of our beings and every cell of our bodies, including the unborn. Nothing humanity has ever been faced with before can rival the pervasiveness of this threat to all of our health, especially the most vulnerable among us, the unborn and the young. Although the levels of radiation drop off inversely proportionately with distance, you must realize just how close these transmitters are to the unborn and the infants are being utilized.

Look around. To stop the fireworks show of a fork in a microwave oven, simply coat the fork in a resin containing carbonyl iron powder, microwave it, and the fork will get hot but will not create an electrical discharge. I remember that it looked like the 4th of July inside that microwave oven. Both the gut and the brain are where Autistic children show abnormalities.

I firmly believe that both the gut and the brain are being affected by the microwave EMF emissions that have become increasingly prevalent in our lives. Autism is a term used to describe a broad spectrum of brain disorders.

No generation throughout human history has ever been faced with this. The other significant, equally contributing, driving forces behind the Autism epidemic are the contents of the battery of childhood immunizations, not limited to the MMR vaccine, and premature umbilical cord clampings at birth and are discussed towards the conclusion of this article.

We know that Autism is a brain disorder. The fact is that the brain is an electrical system. I believe that the current explosion in the current Autism epidemic is an electrical problem. Microwaves which are electromagnetic waves containing energy.

These waves of energy, because of their specific properties, are most readily absorbed by waters and fats. As long as the MMR vaccine continues to be administered in its present form, there have and will clearly continue to be demyelination as a direct result of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis from the MMR vaccine which involves a separate mechanism that operates irrespective of the EMF emissions and does cause Autism.

That is precisely what is being observed, the rates keep going up. The following article explains the observations found in an Autistic brain. Sometimes something so simple can remain hidden in plain view either by accident or by design.

You be the judge of that. We knew all too well to stay away from the glistening sharp pieces all over the place back then. Why then, are we so drawn to these black box hazards today?

Oh they color some of them white but nonetheless, they are still like jagged pieces of broken glass all over the fields when I was a kid. These things are sources of damaging emissions. This can no longer be ignored. The researchers need to start looking where they should, not where they are being directed by the powers that be.

How about your first cell or cordless phone, around ? How about WiFi, around ? When did the smart meter end up outside your bedroom?

Listen, cell towers are bad, but believe it or not, microwave EMF levels are much higher in your home. They are even much greater in high density housing and what is most disturbing is the EMF levels in wireless classrooms. Most workplace levels are much higher than one might think as well. One in 50 O. Could it be even higher? Will the numbers go higher? I believe they will. Please hear me out on this folks. Expecting mothers and vulnerable sub populations: You are being bathed in these emissions.

What I discovered was rather remarkable. I read over a study on asphalt mixes. When carbonyl iron was added to an asphalt mix during the manufacturing process, it increased the microwave absorption by 15X as opposed to plain asphalt. I could not believe my eyes.

This simplified snippet explains how the metals possibly get into the brain and remember that the brain controls the gut:. So there must be something going on with iron levels or something is happening to the iron such as bone marrow incorporation as a result of EMF exposure.

Consequently, so becomes the developing child. The important link between folates and anemia is that when folates are present, it aids the production of healthy red blood cells which help transport oxygen throughout the body. Anemia develops with the lack iron and of folates in the body due to the lack of production of healthy red blood cells. Folate levels and anemia could very well be connected if an individual has a hard time absorbing this B vitamin through regular dietary intake and has a greater need for this vitamin.

Pernicious anemia results from eating poorly nutritious foods, microwaved foods, and alcohol consumption, especially during pregnancy as these upset this balance. It is very simple to remedy. In the brain, there is a certain type of cells that are largely responsible for distributing iron in the brain as they posses transporters for several forms of iron. Under normal circumstances, astrocytes can accumulate and hold large amounts of iron.

This is where the shielding properties of elemental iron a known microwave absorber are naturally employed by the body in protecting the developing brain from the EMF microwave bombardment in or out of the womb from wireless radiation emissions.

Not only does the iron they hold protect the developing brain from the EMF emissions, but the iron stored in the astrocytes actually protects the astrocytes themselves from the wireless bombardment. The astrocytes also regulate the transmission of electrical impulses within the brain and are are responsible for the promotion of the myelinating activity.

In an environment where our bodies are replete with wireless microwave radiation exposure, without an adequate intake of the proper forms of iron, the astrocytes are doomed and with them go all of their protective and regulatory functions.

Low iron equals no or low EMF protection period! There is much published regarding Voltage-gated calcium channels and their involvement in Autism. I wanted to briefly mention a particularly inhumane and common procedure in childbirth that has always deeply concerned me. Largely focusing on the slight risk of hemmorrage, ironically, the obstetricians appear to be clueless or willfully ignorant of any danger to the newborn incurred by it.

It occurs during term deliveries. It interrupts the placental oxygenation and delays the pulmonary oxygenation. The following links are of interest:. This clearly substantially lowers blood volume and iron stores in the newborn as well as results in hypoxia.

With respect to Autism, I believe that cord clamping plays a role as it has been implicated in causing anemia in the newborn, and anemia has been demonstrated to be a common denominator in almost all Autistic children.

Of course at times, cord occlusion naturally occurs as well and simply cannot be avoided. After both of the lungs are functioning, the cord vessels close reflexively on their own. There is no need to prematurely intervene. What must come to mind is that no newborn can absorb iron from dietary iron intake. This creates an infant who will be susceptible to the damaging effects of EMF emissions in their environment as their brains continue to develop without the protection that normal iron stores would have afforded.

Almost without exception, women upon arrival to the hospital are administered a drug called Pitocin to induce labor. This is done to speed the delivery and minimize the hospital stay.

I, however, arrive at a very different conclusion. Pitocin oxytocin has been around for decades. The observed associations with induced labor were particularly pronounced in male children. If the EMF exposure is the real culprit, then the boys would be most affected and susceptible in an anemic environment because they have a thinner blood brain barrier. Another cause of the infant being anemic is the prevalence of Cesarean section procedures which clearly reduce blood volumes of the newborn and consequently lower iron stores.

So again we must remember that the majority of Autistic children are deficient in iron. There is a higher incidence of Autism in children of diabetic mothers. Anemia is a well known common complication of diabetes. Autism has been linked to pregnant women who took psychiatric medications. These medications most commonly cause aplastic anemia:. Autism has been linked to prenatal and perinatal analgesic exposure. Analgesics, specifically Parecetamol or Acetominophen products.

These medications like Tylenol, which is the number one doctor recommended headache medicine in the world, is commonly taken by pregnant women. In reality it is the wireless microwave EMF radiation exposure that is reducing the brain glutathione levels:.

It is for their headaches. Remember Tylenol is the number one doctor recommended headache medicine. There are many studies that link Autism to pesticide and chemical exposure. Pesticide and chemical exposures lead to anemia:. The air pollution levels in this country have been on the decline for decades.

When I was growing up, my lungs commonly hurt, my eyes burned and you could see, feel and taste the pollution. What do you find near freeways?

Pollution of course but what kind? Metals from brake dust, particulate matter from exhaust, and noxious gases. They have been around forever. I grew up and lived for 30 years within feet of a freeway. What do we find near freeways today? You will find a plethora of microwave emitting cell towers, antenna arrays, and high density housing with large amounts of people who spend most of their time indoors exposed to EMF from closed quarter contact with multiple WiFi routers, wireless computers, laptops, tablets, wireless phones, microwave ovens, wireless gaming systems from multiple families all in close proximity to each other.

The next interesting piece in this puzzle was in the recent W. It got me thinking about smoggy places and I realized that where the air is the most polluted. Air pollution is prevalent in a majority of large metropolitan areas. Large metropolitan areas have high density housing as well as high density office buildings with residents that spend very little time outdoors.

Add into the equation, the lack of outdoor areas to spend time away from the EMF emissions. Multiply the number of paper thin walled housing or office units times the power level of the typical router and then add the EMF exposure from the proliferation of cell towers in large cities, the household or workplace use of tablets, laptops, microwave ovens and even occupational WiFi and WiFi enabled device exposure and you have massive microwave EMF exposure.

The effects of RF exposure ares cumulative. Take an EMF meter outside and drive by an apartment building or office building and you will get almost the same readings as if you were driving by a cell tower. The US has been virtually de-industrialized and regulations have really cleaned up what industries remain here. What about mercury? Granted the high fructose corn syrup that has become ubiquitous still contains mercury but overall, Mercury levels in the environment have drastically declined.

Sure the CFL light bulbs have them but how many have you broken in your home and breathed in lately? Why are declining mercury levels being associated with rising Autism rates? It does not make sense. One of several things is going on here. The only way that toxins whose concentrations are are declining in the environment could be responsible for an increase in Autism is if some natural defense against these things is being affected by some environmental influence. I believe that microwave EMF emissions do just that.

I believe the microwave EMF emissions that open the blood brain barrier of the fetus and infant and let these toxins in when in the past, without the microwave exposure, they would have never made it past the blood brain barrier.

Either way the microwave EMF emissions are clearly implicated in my opinion. No matter how you slice it, the EMF emissions do not get a pass. Carbonyl iron is a pure form of iron that is widely used as a food additive and has been widely utilized for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia. When ingested, it requires gastric acid from the stomach to become soluble. Gastric acid converts the carbonyl iron to ferrous iron, and once this happens, it is absorbed in the same manner as ferrous iron.

Because carbonyl iron absorption is dependent upon gastric acid for absorption, it is less toxic and better tolerated than other forms of iron. There have been studies published that actually implicate excess iron as being involved in mitochondrial dysfunction. This involves the Fenton reaction in which certain forms of excess iron play a role in the production of free radicals in the presence of EMF.

The elemental iron cannot possible be converted to the Ferrous form unless the well regulated gastric acid conversion allows it to be. The common forms of iron in our diet are non heme forms. Non-heme iron is not absorbed by the body as well as heme iron.

You cannot dump the finished product non heme Ferrous iron into the body and not expect there to be elevated blood iron levels much like you cannot expect to dump glucose directly into the body and not expect elevated blood glucose to be present. The Fenton reactions are being driven by excessive dietary intake and excessive blood levels of the wrong forms of iron which lack EMF absorption properties. The solution is to eat properly and if supplementation is absolutely necessary, then carbonyl iron should the exclusive candidate for such.

Is it possible to remain anemic even with iron supplementation? Of course it is if you continue to take the wrong forms that are not readily absorbed.

Is this possibly another reason Autism and anemia are connected? I believe so. Why did the W. These electromagnetic emissions in the presence of metals that have been allowed into the brain become contact points for these microwave emissions to create electrical discharges which in turn demyelinate the neurons, and damage the mitochondrial DNA. These two factors, in my opinion, explain why boys are at much greater risk for autism, ADHD and other similarly routed problems.

I am not aware of any studies on what power levels would be required to open the BBB of a child in the womb. I believe that the well documented actions of EMF microwave emissions creating electrical discharges and voltage spikes on certain metals, that in addition, allow metals and toxins to get in to the brain by opening the BBB channels, are also simultaneously causing damaging voltage spikes and electrical discharge on the metals present in the brain and in the gut.

When you overload a wire with too much current or too much voltage what happens to the insulation on the wire? What happens when the insulation is damaged and the power is still on? I believe that this cascading sequence of events results in the ensuing brain neuronal demyelination, mitochondrial DNA damage yeilding methlyation pathway disruption and the shortening of Perkinje cells. I suspect that the placenta being a window to the baby, has suffered the same effects of the microwave EMF bombardment in the presence of metals in an anemic environment that the developing baby has.

The study does not correlate iron levels with the prevalence of these placentas with trophoblast inclusions. I believe anemia and EMF exposure is a common denominator in all of those women. If we find matches from your Facebook friends, we'll connect you to them right away. Tell my friends about Myspace?

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