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This power trio kicks ass on every song with grinding speed, precision timing and sheer force. Exceptional stuff that is aggressive and light. KALV Most who try to do rehab get turned away because of lack of room in the programs. Lastly to Brenda A. The trouble is the guys eat it up. In any case your point was very good. Listen to Beefeater. First of all, when I was introduced to the scene I was really amazed and impressed. Everyone was friends and everyone cared for each other. People used to come to all of our practices.

They used to support us and help us and we would do the same for them. Now, everyone goes off into their own little groups, talks about each other, screws each other over, not just Lisa and no one gives a shit about anyone else anymore. But if you SAY you are gonna go then go.

And I think I speak for a lot more people than just for myself. I thought we were ALL together. Not just some here and some there. I thought this unnecessary and insulting. In your column in Pm burnt out on promises and com- plaints.

My life changed and I took what punk offered, much of it pain and anguish. Do you just want people to stroke your ego? You can resign yourself. Do you become complacent after that 30th birthday??!! No, seriously what? But little, I realized they were just human beings.

Through the mistakes, I think we have progressed. Even some so-called punk-bands do that. On this radio, there are shows runned by the Basque people who live in Bordeaux the Basque country is just two hundreds kilome- teters far buy migrants from Portugal, from North Africa, or from South Africa, oy femi- nists We also provide as much alternative infos as pos- sible, all dealing with subjects that surround the scene.

Last but not least, we also try to put on gigs, also in an alternative way. All this is done in a non-profit way, so every band that passes through the South West of France ana who is interested in paying playing in Bordeaux, you know what to do!

No metal or fascist crap, 'lease! I hope you do. He is theleader of the extreme right party the national front national, as we cat! Our goal is the vanishing of this fascist party, and also the vanishing of every fascist idea or practice in France. In our town of Bordeaux, we have a specific action in a part of the town where there are lots of punks, to nazi bikers.

We also fight against migrants or basques expulsions, fhat our so- called socialist government had began in , for the right to a decent living for everyone Another of our activities is to fight for tne independence of Kanaky- the right name for New Caledonia. Smash the fas- cists! Funderburg said in issue 65, that one way to deal with the skinhead problem is not to let them into shows. Put it on the flyer, no skinheads, this is a punk show! Proba- bly not. If a skinhead wants to go to a punk show, let him.

Well enough for now, peace, love, and thought and feel free to write Joseph A. If you want to read some incredible books, read anything by Harlan Ellison. Memories came back. Euskadi North. Ten years ago. We were Basque refugees that had to leave their country due to our opposition to the fascist Spanish government. Not a really easy childhood! By this time, the fight against fascism and Spanish centralism was ex- pressed by violent direct action. Every week some cops were killed and, as a logical reaction, lots of civilians were arrested and others killed.

When this organization came to life, they had a really strange ideology behind them. Some- thing like a Catholic-nationalistic-Marxist idea close to right wing nationalism and racism. In the seventies their ideol- ogy became more leftist although they still focused very much into the nationalistic side of the struggle. ETA was being delimitated into two blocks. One was fighting to end the Francos dictatorship and establish a demo- cratic system.

The other was fighting to create a new nation with a Stalinist kind of g overnment. And then came In , Franco died and democracy came back to Spain after forty years of dictatorship.

You might be wondering what the fuck does all this shit have to do with punk and hardcore. Remember the first block? They dropped weapons and went for another struggle even harder: to build a really demo- cratic policy based on the force of words and thoughts. Some of them could do it and others sold out but that is another story. The second block went on and are still killing Die hey.

Does it sounc that it becomes a fascist one. Since their beginning they have tried to cope out all the alternative movements such as feminism, ecological issues and. Their rea- soning is a little basic but effective if you are not with them, you are against them and five years ago all punk bands in Euskadi were with them. This part of the story could have been called something like The manipula- tion of the self called independent: OK, that sounds like a paranoiac's speech but give me a chance and then you will tell me who is the paranoiac.

After reading all the crap I have written above, you will probably think that Euskadi is living under a huge police pressure. Literally hundreds of youth were tired of being harrascd each weekend just for nothing but their age terror- ists of tomorrow and decided to express their rage through music. Gigs took place in small clubs with very low prices or in open airspaces and for free.

The interest of people in punk was growing. And FIB, as a political culture, could see the potential of this raw music. When first punk started, they hated it. They spoke about it as an imperialistic product typical fanatical bullshit. But suddenly they realized that the punk message was in a certain way able. Both hated cops.

Both used really? It could be used to gain votes, a raw idea for Reagan, what aboufSOD playing for him? It would be fun to see these assholes doing publicity for RR. And then the circus started.

This campaign was a musical one which went on for three years. Each weekend there were about 25 gigs. Almost all of them were performed by punk bands. Sometimes there were even people at 1 gig. These huge gigs took place in open air spaces or sport installations. All around the place ypu could find Basque flags and FIB slogans. In the meantime, small places and squats were starting an alternative to this macro shit. These places are run by people in- volved in the scene in a deep manner.

The problem with these squats or gaztetxes is the lack of money and organizafion. But there are some places like Andoain or my town. Llodio where people give the best to each other in order to create cool, friendly and really alternative spaces.

We have created a collective of local hardcore bands to promote gigs and putting out some releases. On to other subjects. The all women issue was a really great idea. If there is any radical feminist reading this, please show me the truth about life, sex, love ard music.

You know, thinking is such an awful sport. Being human in- volves having doubts and being cynical. So try to escape from your little punk world and try not to be so close-minded in your bunch of rules. You will enjoy life twice as much. Yesterday I went to a record shopiust to look around. I can give you some addresses. Write me! Speaking of records. I want to expand the zine with interviews and artwork. It would be great if you could send me stuff to print but please try to be as much original as possible.

If you did, then they have garnered more money by selling your name on the mailing lists that they sell to organizations with similar targets. I started to get glossy brocures from well established, liberal-oias magazines and investment groups.

Magazines and special interest groups create more income for themselves by offering incentives, like free gifts, discounts, refunds and rebates, that will add to their mailing lis. If you learn how these insti- tutions practice business and earn financial support then you will know how to subvert their intentions and communicate yours. Go to the library and look under subjects such as.

The first two have bibliographies. The last two you will probably have to get through inter-library loan. Novels that approach tnis subject are considered science fiction. People remember much better what they have learned on their own. He was Torcecfinto a system of two-valued orien- tation good guys vs. It would be unreasonable to expect him to view the prose- cution — or anyone supporting them as any- thing other than bad.

However t I live in a geo- E raphically isolated area within the church elf of Texas. There really is no underground within this area, but there are a lot of posers. You can imagine how difficult it is to find good music here. More on that later. I am unfamiliar with the different kinds of punk music.

Now the local scene report. The major- ity of the scene is comprised of students like myself. Of the high school students in this region, only about are involved in this fascinating subculture.

But only about fifty are really into the scene. The rest are just trying to piss off their parents. A brief example of what this has lead to. About two years ago, a senior at my high school was quickly suspended because she had a mowhawkil The excuse?

Hewitt, N. You can find ROIR everywhere at stores that count. No coins or personal cheques please. All send air!!!! I'm also interested to personal-1 1 1 y trade US core old as new against Uproar's own releases.

Mags and t-shirts too!! Each order comes with free stickers wow?!! Or even better, some kind of record distribution.

Anything to get peoples attention long enough to see what punksters really are ana the different things they stand for. Perhaps I can change everyones opin- ion. Readers, please comment, I need the mail to keep me occupied. It gets up to 1 02 degrees here every day and I ve got nothing better to do besides sit in front of an air conditioner listening to music that friends and I manage to smuggle into the area.

That reminds me, we only nave two record stores here. I, etc. Get the idea? I found MRR while visiting my father in California. I plan to visit more frequently. Well, when that letter was written. I wrote the letter entirely on what I had been told by some locals, without bothering to get both sides of the story and the blame for fhe whole mess was wrongly placed on Warzone.

When I wrote my original letter, it was nothing but the story I had been given by a few people who didn t have their tacts straight. The first letter was written out of anger, which was directed at the wrong party. This whole mat'ter has made me fee? I have heard rumors and tempting tidbits on anarchist communities that have existed.

Beyond being just interesting, the very thought sustains my nope that there is something worth doing in my life. I am willing, in fact hoping to travel anywhere for such a community. Further, anything along the same line could be just as perfect. Perhaps someone out there has a club committed to the ideals and music of punk.

If you need help, I am the person. A emotion I feel is a little too common within the punk scene. Everybody hates everybody else. Skins and punks. Straight edge and druggies.

True, the whole ideas of punk are based on hatred, but not for itself, for the world that hasfucked usover. Unity in the scene is what we need. People banding together to fight a common enemy, the system. With constant feuding amongst the little cliques that form amongst every punk crowd, nothing ever gets accom- plished. Look howfarthey came, and look at us. If we could get even the slightest bit of organization, coherence, we could very easily become a major force.

From , Lawrence was better than Athens, GA. The final blow came when the University of Kansas Board of helped with or attended "Quest for Rejects. Hey, all you Rambos! I Dear Readers, Here is the standard do it yourself MRR letter kit-adjust to suit, dear readers, and have a dead cert chance of getting your name in print!

If punk really was meant to be a united force against social indoctrinatron Their listening audience was al- ready large, but the big shots knew they coula profit even more from a dull colleae- Dop station. Play something new, for once! Well, now it is time for me to speak up for myself.

First off, let me sort of explain what has happened over the past year. Then a few months later, Tom and I tried to reform the band without Eric. Eric sued us and after months of feeding our lawyers big bucks, we settled and Eric won the rights to the name. We are recording an LP for Walkthrufyre Records soon. Thanks to anyone who report. Ben Weasel is orie of and sadly there are many the biggest hypocrites in the Chicago scene.

Hmmm, something is wrong here. Where did alj the money go? Perhaps to your information. Also since you live at home with Mommy and Daddy and have no job, how do you afford to buy your hardcore records, andtake your band on tour and into the studio so much? Louis, and your show. Hey Ben, can I start putting on shows with you? It seems to be very profitable. Maybe then I can pay off these lawyer bills. Well, ben liketheold Clash ever hear of them?

Clarendon Apt. But rest assured, we will send all orders shortly. Overseas orders, please send 2 extra dollars per item for postage. Thanks for the patience and understand- ing. Instead, I want to talk about the need to increase the flow of communication be- tween college alternative music organiza- tions and to introduce the world to my organization in the middle of Iowa.

By diverse crowd, I mean more than the usual hardcore crew and artists that show upfor anything non mainstream. I think that it would be great if the more experienced groups can send in advice or any helpful our college scenes local product, radio shows, politics, etc. Hopefully, we can even work together on some projects to mutually benefit us as well as the whole alternative scene. Please do it soon.

This will make fhem more cheaply available to people in the U. English translations would be appreciated but are not necessary. I also hope to be able to sell tapes through other non-profit organizations for better distribution. Dear Friends, Howdy. This letter is to let all of you out there in Musicland know that the Under- ground Railroad and Dry House are open again and ready to rock.

The Underground Railroad has spent years building a reputation as a fun and fair place for bands to play and it really hurts to nave some dude off the street with a tele- hone messing with our rep. If any of you out ere have been hurt in the confusion, I sincerely apologize. We are not now and have never been in the business of screwing bands.

Thanks for your time. I became a punk when I was 1 6 and I will stay one till I am dead. I had lived in Poland for years; 1 to 1 and 1 to 1 In 1 I was playing with the band called DENAT at Jarocin festival, so I think I know something about Poland and the punk scene over there plus I still have contact with friends-who supply me with zines, tapes and fa pi- th information.

Such a lot of shit can only come from some stupid asshole who believes that piece of zine and few independent labels mean free- dom. During the Martial Law where the fuck were you when tanks rolled on the streets of Poland? I can tell you that I was on the streets of Warsaw getting my ass and head kicked by the fucking Zomo riot police and I am proud of it. It is nothing in comparison to the western free- dom and I am not any kind of defender of the West.

Capitalism sucks the same way So- cialism does! I almost forgot, maybe you are a son of some fucking party official! How do you like that? This year Jarocin was attacked by 1 3, fans of all the styles of music. Plus: Photos out the gazoo, th' dreaded reviews, G'ville stuff, rantings, comics, and a bunch of other punk muck Recorded in early '88 on 24 tracks, this 7 " E.

And we won't even be able to hope that he croaks or gets impeached, be- cause the vice-president will be even worse. Yeah, I'm probably talking about Bush and Quayle, but it could just as easily be the other two, whatever their names were. Right now I'm pretty depressed about the political condition of this country, and a little scared, too. I've been following politics since I was a kid in the s, and this is the worst I've ever seen it.

Back in the early s when all us Catholic school kids were in love with John F. Kennedy and really believed him when he told us how America was going to hold up the light of liberty and justice for all the worla to follow, I couldn't have imagined that my country would sink so low so fast.

The next guy, Lyndon B. Johnson, was no flaming liberal; he was the guy, after all, who sent naif a million troops to Vietnam. But he still had some sense of decency, and he got all sorts of anti-poverty and civil rights programs going that might have had more success than they did if the war hadn't wrecked our economy that's when the national debt you hear the politi- cians yapping about first started getting out of control.

Goldwater, you see, was one of the most right wing candidates the Republicans had ever nominated. A lot of his nuking that's what they called it then was probably a communist. Goldwater himself was fond of saying things like we should saw off the whole east coast and let it float out to sea because of all the hoity-toity liberals who lived there.

Pretty soon Goldwater became a na- tional joke. Peor 1 showed glasses tions was undermining our national secu- rity. Time magazine took its readers on a tour of his desert compound where a solar- activated electric timer raised the American flag and played the national anthem every morning at aawn.

The election wasn't even close; I think Goldwater carried maybe five states. Goldwater, while he had screwy ideas, was fundamentally honest about what he be- ieved. Bush and Reagan among them, are such habitual liars that they probably wouldn't recognize the truth if they ever accidentally, of course ran into it. And except fora handful of radicals and malcontents among whom I'm happy to number myself , nobody seems to care. You've got one of the most blatant imbeciles ever to occupy the office of president, who's spent eight years undermining and destroy- ing nearly everything that is good about this country, and who's about to oe replaced by an even more blatant imbecile.

Wnat do the media say about it? They suck it up. They treat these people as if they were deserving of respect, as if their nasty little scams were brilliant strokes of statesmanship, as if these mean spirited, double dealing, treacherous lowlife scumbags who have made a way of life out of systematically murdering and starving whole populations into submission somehow represent what the land of the free and the home of the brave is supposed to be about.

Hey, I've been living, right here in the USA all this time, even if California is a little out on the edge and I'm sure glad of that! Could the America I grew up in really have changed that much?

Where aid these people who are running this country come from? Did someone pay off cill the newspaper reporters to stop asking questions and only write things that make the government look good? However, you need to bear in mind that an enormous impact on your bowel movements, and digestion and everything else in your body have your eating habits. In case you have incomplete emptying of bowel it is very likely that your regular diet does not provide you with the essential nutrients you need.

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Tracks , the original split 7"EP. Tracks taken from the split 7"EP with Birdflesh. Track taken from Promo All Disgorge tracks (minus the Cannibal Corpse cover) are also available on the "Gorelics" compilation.. Recording information.

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  1. Disgorge recorded in Borrega Studio in May Squash Bowels recorded and mixed at " Salman Studio ", March' Track B6 is an Anal Cunt cover. Pressing plant uncredited, identified by the matrix numbers/5(6).
  2. Tracks was taken from EP split with Disgorge. Recorded and mixed at Salman Studio, first days March Tracks was taken from EP split with reubloomandelconsde.barcountfitmaduseshoyracalromarda.coed and mixed at Salman studio, last days of March /5(13).
  3. Recording information: Disgorge songs recorded in Borrega Studio in May ' Squash Bowels songs recorded and mixed at " Salman Studio " in March '
  4. Aug 01,  · Grind Your Head / Disgorge () [Split] by Disgorge / Squash Bowels. Labels: Bizarre Leprous Production. Genres: Brutal Death Metal, Goregrind. Songs: Disgorge - Urethrive Decortico Xantomatose Muco Gestated Scallfolds, Disgorge - Spasmobliterance Filtrated Scabs, Squash Bowels - Fear, Squash Bowels - Blood Supply, Squash Bowels - Who Is Gay?, Squash Bowels - Grind Your Head%(2).
  5. Sep 10,  · Disgorge / Squash Bowels - Grind Your Head / Disgorge Review. Reviewer: Sepultura. Rating: 70/ 스플릿앨범은 그냥 인지도 쌓기 와 용돈벌이 앨범? Squash Bowels 입니다. 2곡/ 나머지 곡. 좀?! 애매모호한 스플릿앨범이지만 묘한 매력과는 별개로 딱히 밴%.
  6. Nov 01,  · Misery Index - The Killing Gods FULL ALBUM ( - Death Metal / Grindcore) - Duration: Gore Grinder , views.
  7. SQUASH BOWELS / DISGORGE split CD Squash Bowels / Disgorge (2) Grind Your Fucking Head (7") Dillinger Escape Plan, The Under the Running Board 07/20/ Vinyl 7" Singles Series Agoraphobic Nosebleed Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope 08/03/ Picture Disc.
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  9. For a bowel training program to be effective, the patient must have ample time for evacuation usually 20 to 30 minutes. Fluid intake is increased to to mL, food high in bulk is recommended as part of the program: and a daily enema is not administered in bowel training program.

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