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The school does not use test scores to determine promotion or graduation. The medical school curriculum builds progressively on the course work of each previous academic year. The courses of each subsequent year require increasing levels of coordination and integration of the material previously presented. Thorough knowledge and understanding of each subject and an appropriate level of skills are therefore required for satisfactory progress to be maintained in the medical curriculum.

Grades The summative evaluation of academic performance for each course is reported on the following basis: A: superior or outstanding work in all aspects of course work. B: completely satisfactory performance in all aspects of course work. C: a conditional grade that reflects performance that is marginal because of important deficiencies in some aspects of course work. F: unsatisfactory performance resulting in failure. Electives in the first and second year are graded on a Pass or Fail basis.

Exemplary or inadequate performance in these electives will be documented by supporting narrative evaluations. Electives and selectives in the third and fourth years are graded on the same basis as required courses. Students with a problem should confer directly with the course director. Every effort should be made to resolve the problem fairly and promptly at this level.

If the student cannot resolve the problem through discussion with the course director, he or she should bring the problem, within two weeks of talking with the course director, to the attention of the Associate Dean for Medical Students, who will seek to resolve the problem. If resolution is still not achieved, the Associate Dean will make a recommendation to the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education and to the Dean, which will be accompanied by commentary on the recommendation by the relevant department chair.

The Dean will make the final decision. Promotion Promotion Committees of the faculty, in consultation with representatives of the departments responsible for instruction, are charged with making recommendations to Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education, the Dean, and the Executive Faculty regarding progress and promotions of students in each class.

The Executive Faculty of the School of Medicine has final responsibility for the determination of medical student progress in the school.

Decisions on the progress of students during the first two years are ordinarily made at the end of each academic year.

In view of the integrated nature of the curriculum in the final two years, no specific decisions on promotion from the third to the fourth year are made. Decisions on the progress of students during these final two years, however, may be made at any time as academic performance may dictate.

Ordinarily, decisions for graduation will be made shortly before commencement in the final year. The committees recommend for promotion those students who have demonstrated appropriate personal behavior and the knowledge, understanding, and skills consistent with faculty expectations at their particular stage of professional development.

Occasionally, however, the outcome is unsuccessful. The Promotion Committees will review the performance of students with deficiencies and make recommendations concerning their progress. Students who have C conditional grades in two or more courses in a single academic year will undergo special review by their Promotion Committee. Students who receive C grades in more than two required clerkships can expect to have their progress delayed in order to complete remedial work or to withdraw from school.

Students who fail in a course, whether required or elective, will be required to remedy the failure before being permitted to enter the courses of the next academic year. Credit may be given on the basis of re-examination or satisfactory repetition of the course work, but failures will remain on the record and may be counted as cause for dismissal if additional failure occurs.

Students who fail in two courses or fail a re-examination or course repetition may be required to withdraw from the school. Promotion Committees will ordinarily recommend that students be placed on academic probation if their course work includes any failures or is generally of marginal character as evidenced by multiple C grades. Students placed on academic probation who do not perform in a satisfactory manner during the subsequent academic year will be dismissed from school unless there are mitigating circumstances approved by the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education and the Dean.

Students on probation may be withdrawn from school if their academic performance continues at a marginal level, even though there may be no recorded failures. Promotion Committees may recommend removal of probationary status when a student has demonstrated a continuing record of satisfactory performance in the succeeding units of study.

Students who are shown by work or conduct to be unfit for the practice of medicine may be required to withdraw from the school at any time. Extracurricular Work The Medical School does not regulate the outside work of its students, although it does take the firm position of discouraging outside work. No outside commitments may be assumed by medical students that may compromise their responsibilities at the Medical School.

If the outside obligation is considered prejudicial, the student may be required to discontinue it. Leave of Absence A leave of absence may be granted by the Associate Dean for Medical Students for a period not to exceed one year for purposes of approved studies or for recuperation from illness. Should it be necessary for a student to be absent for a period of more than one calendar year, the student must make formal reapplication and be reconsidered by the Admissions Committee, unless special approval is given by the Associate Dean for Medical Students for a more extended leave.

Degree candidates must have completed successfully all curriculum requirements and have passed all prescribed examinations by the published deadlines to be allowed to participate in the ceremony. Students unable to participate in the graduation ceremony will receive their diplomas by mail. Alper, a graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and his wife, Phyllis, provided for the establishment of this chair in The chair will support research and clinical care in rheumatology.

This chair was established in memory of Dr. Austin, a pathologist who practiced in Alexandria, Virginia. He was an alumnus of Vanderbilt Medical School.

The chair was established by his wife, Mrs. Dorothy B. Established in , this professorship honors Dr. Oswald T. Avery, a Nashvillian and faculty member of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine who was a leader in understanding of the composition and significance of DNA. Barton received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in for his studies on conformational analysis.

Funded in large part by a gift from an anonymous donor, this chair supports scientific development in pharmacology. Allan D.

Bass, chairman of the Department of Pharmacology from to , was instrumental in establishing pharmacology as an independent research discipline. Through the generosity of Betty and Jack Bailey, this gift was made in support of a professorhip in the Division of Cardiology as a tribute to a distinguished physician, Dr.

Billings, Jr. This professorship is named for Dr. Charles H. Best, who was involved in the isolation of insulin and its initial use in the treatment of diabetes. Through the generosity of James G. Blakemore, Nashville businessman and Vanderbilt alumnus, this professorship in psychiatry was endowed in to support a distinguished faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry, providing freedom to contribute to research and teaching within a specific field of excellence.

Established in by a bequest from James L. Bray, M. Robert Buchanan and Mrs. Lancaster provided for the creation of this chair in This chair was endowed in thro;ugh the generosity of the Burch family and other friends and colleagues. John C. Burch, M. In , the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology received funds from an anonymous donor to establish this professorship, the purpose of which is to further research in basic reproductive biology, and applied family planning.

The chair is named for Dr. Lucius E. Burch, dean of the School of Medicine from until , and chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology until his retirement in Family, friends, and patients established in an endowed chair that honors Nashville surgeon and former president of the American Cancer Society, Benjamin F. Byrd, Jr. This chair was established in through the generosity of Board of Trust member Monroe Carell, Jr.

The chair is held by the head of the Division of Pediatric Cardiology. Established by the late Kathryn Craig Henry, this chair supports cancer research and serves as a memorial to her father, who was a Nashville businessman and member of the Vanderbilt University Board of Trust.

The chair honors Mrs. Edwin Wilson Craig, and her late husband, William C. Weaver, Jr. This chair was established in with the proceeds from a trust created by the estate of Mr. Davis, a Vanderbilt alumnus and trustee. Through the generosity of the late Dr. Foshee, a graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and distinguished surgeon, this professorship was endowed in for the purpose of furthering medical education and research in the field of general surgery.

This professorship was established in to support and recognize a distinguished leader-physician-scholar of national stature who combines the qualities of an eminent physician and experienced medical scholar. When possible, the occupant of the chair will be the chair of the Department of Medicine. In recognition of Ernest W.

Goodpasture, this chair was established in to enhance basic investigative efforts in experimental pathology. Through the generosity of Virginia McHenry Hale, this professorship was established in for the advancement of ophthalmology. John L. Hanigan endowed this chair in memory of his wife. The chair strengthens the ability to treat and care for patients with respiratory diseases and offers a unique opportunity to develop innovative programs in pulmonary research, education, and rehabilitation.

Named in honor of noted researcher Joel G. Hardman, Ph. This chair supports investigational opportunities in pharmacology. Bronson Ingram, provides continued support for cancer research in the Department of Cell Biology. The chair honors Mr. This chair was established in to recognize an outstanding researcher, teacher, leader, and care giver, David T.

Karzon, M. The chair provides support for pediatric science in any subspecialty area. Through the generosity of Ann R. Light Mrs. Light , the School of Medicine will benefit from a charitable trust to establish a chair in pulmonary medicine. This chair was created in through the generosity of Dr. Maness, longtime friend of Vanderbilt Otolaryngology. The chair supports a comprehensive program of education, research, and treatment of diseases of the ears, nose, throat, head, and neck at Vanderbilt.

Funding of this chair was spearheaded by the William F. Meacham Society, a group composed primarily of house officers who studied under Meacham, M. Established in by an anonymous donor, this chair recognizes and encourages significant research in biochemistry and memorializes Dr.

Through the generosity of Mr. William K. Warren of Tulsa, Oklahoma, this chair was endowed in to enhance the academic program in the Department of Pediatrics. The professorship honors Mrs. James C. Overall, a distinguished clinician and contributor to American pediatrics. This chair was established in through a bequest from the estate of Mrs. Owen, who, with her late husband, was a trustee and life-long supporter of Vanderbilt University and its Medical Center.

Established by family and friends in , the Carol D. The chair honors Dr. Pendergrass, a gifted professor of radiology and radiological sciences who served Vanderbilt and his profession with distinction, and his late wife, Carol. This chair was established through the generosity of Dr. Record, a prominent Chattanooga physician, and his wife.

Friends of Dr. Robinson endowed this chair in Through the generosity of the late Paul W. Sanger, M. The Chair honors John L.

Sawyers, M. THE H. Through the generosity of members of the H. William Scott, Jr. Scott, this professorship was established in to honor Dr. Scott for his contributions to the Section of Surgical Sciences and Vanderbilt University during his thirty-year tenure as chairman, — This chair was endowed in by the Justin and Valere Potter Foundation to support and recognize a distinguished physician scholar whose accomplishments in investigative medicine will enrich and strengthen the scientific endeavors of the Department of Medicine.

Funded by family, friends, former house officers, and alumni, the holder of this chair promotes medical student involvement in research or clinical-pathological projects, graduate student recruitment, and young faculty development. The chair honors the late John L. Shapiro, M. During that time, Shapiro instructed more than 1, medical students and was considered to be the most effective teacher at Vanderbilt School of Medicine. Endowed in by James C.

Stahlman, B. Stahlman was owner and publisher of the Nashville Banner and a long-time member of the Vanderbilt University Board of Trust. This chair honors one of his daughters.

Stahlman in honor of his father, this chair supports studies in pediatric physiology and cell metabolism. Established in by James C. Stahlman in honor of his wife, this chair supports cardiovascular research, with emphasis on the cause of the disease, its prevention, and its treatment. Stahlman, endowed this professorship in for the purpose of furthering studies in cancer research. The chair honors his mother. Stahlman established this professorship in perinatology.

The chair will reinforce the study of perinatology over an indefinite period of time. It is named in honor of Dr. Mildred Stahlman, one of Mr. Established in , through the generosity of the Daiichi Seiyaku Company of Japan, this chair honors William Stokes. Stokes was a 19th century Dublin physician who made many contributions to cardiovascular medicine.

The chair resides in clinical pharmacology. The chair honors WIlliam S. Stoney, Jr. Established through the generosity of John Wallace in memory of his mother. The chair supports advancements in education and research in the field of immunology.

This chair was endowed by the WIlliam K. Warren Foundation in David Y. Proctor, whose generous support is evident throughout the Medical Center, endowed this chair in in honor of her son, William C. Weaver III, in support of research and service in neurodegenerative diseases and multiple sclerosis. Through the generosity of the Werthan family of Nashville, this professorship was established in for the purpose of furthering research in the general field of internal medicine.

This chair enhanceS the three-fold mission of the Bill Wilkerson Center: research, education, and service. Through the generosity of the Adams family this annual lecture furthers education in otolaryngology. The Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society each year invites a scientist of prominence to deliver a lecture before the students and faculty and members of the medical community. This lectureship was established in in recognition of Dr.

He served as professor and chairman of the Department of Pharmacology from to , as associate dean for biomedical sciences from to , and as acting dean of the School of Medicine from to The first lecture was given in April This lectureship was established in as a fitting memorial for the former professor and chairman of the Department of Surgery.

It is held annually in conjunction with the spring meeting of the H. William Scott Society. The Department of Medicine established in a visiting professorship to honor Dr. Buchanan, Jr. Each year a distinguished dermatologist is invited to come to Vanderbilt to deliver a series of formal lectures and participate in teaching conferences. In through the generosity of a Vanderbilt alumnus an annual lectureship was established to honor the memory of Dr. Barney Brooks, formerly professor of surgery and head of the department, and surgeon-in-chief of Vanderbilt University Hospital.

As a fitting memorial to Dr. Brooks these lectures have been given by physicians who have made distinguished contributions in clinical or investigative surgery. Established and endowed in by Frances Brooks Corzine in honor of her father, G.

Daniel Brooks, who died of cancer. The focus of the lectureship is oncology and rotates between clinical and basic cancer distinguished lecturers. Established by Richard E. Strain, M. Strain, Sr. The annual lecture will be devoted to subjects that address the changing role of medicine in our culture. THE W. Established by the Dale family and friends, this first lecture in vascular surgery supports the advancement of vascular education, research, and patient care.

The lecture reflects the depth of Dr. Dale's commitment to Vanderbilt Medical School and vascular surgery. Daniel Jr. Lecture as a tribute to Dr. Since Dr. Each year a distinguished thoracic surgeon is invited by the Department to visit Vanderbilt and deliver the annual lecture, usually in the fall. This annual lectureship was established in by the family and friends of Dr. Leonard Edwards, who was professor of clinical surgery, in recognition of his more than fifty years of contributions to Vanderbilt and the Nashville community as a distinguished surgeon and teacher.

The first lecture was given in by Dr. Lester Dragstedt. Lectures usually concentrate on surgery and physiopathology of the alimentary tract. This lecture series was established to honor Dr.

Felts's dedication to medical students and his desire to help them develop as individuals as well as physicians. It allows medical students to invite a nationally recognized figure in the humanities to speak at the Medical School each year as part of the annual student-run humanities series.

He was director of alumni affairs when he died in In the fall of Mr. This lectureship is awarded every two years to a scientist of outstanding attainments who shall spend as much as two months in residence in association with a department of the School of Medicine.

The first series of lectures was given in the fall of This lecture provided by his mother, in tribute to his brave spirit in facing unprecedented heart surgery in , which resulted in his death.

Presented in recognition of the accomplishments of women medical students who graduate with honors. Established by the children of Dr. Goldfarb to honor their father, an alumnus of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, this is the first named lectureship in the Center for Fertility and Reproductive Research.

Serving as an important forum for continuing education, the lectureship enables the Vanderbilt medical community to learn from those at the cutting edge of research and practice in reproductive biology. George M. Green, Jr. The lecture is to honor the memory of Dr. Ernest William Goodpasture, distinguished chairman of the Department of Pathology from until his retirement in Each year a lecturer prominent for achievements in research or in medical education is selected.

The first lecture was given in the fall of THE J. This professorship was established in as a tribute to the late Dr.

William Hillman, who served as professor and chairman of the Department of Orthopaedics. To commemorate Dr. This lectureship was established in in tribute to George Whitfield Holcomb, M.

The lectureship will keep pediatric surgeons at Vanderbilt abreast of new clinical procedures and research discoveries in the field of pediatrics by inviting guest lecturers from all over the country to give presentations. This lectureship was established by the Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical Company in as an annual lecture. The lectureship was given in tribute to the strength of basic biomedical sciences at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The focus of two lectures given by the distinguished lecturer is on a fundamental research area of broad and dramatic impact on the biomedical sciences.

Established by friends and colleagues of Dr. James, former chairman of the Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences, this lectureship brings internationally known experts in a variety of areas of diagnostic radiology to Vanderbilt annually. This lecture was instituted in in honor of Dr. Conrad G. Julian, the first director of gynecologic oncology at Vanderbilt University Hospital. The lecture is delivered each year on a subject related to gynecologic oncology and is given in conjunction with the annual Gynecologic Oncology Seminar.

This lectureship was established in by Mr. Robert F. King of Klamath River, California, as a memorial to his wife. Each year a distinguished thoracic or cardiovascular surgeon is invited to lecture by the Department of Surgery.

The first Pauline M. King Memorial Lecture was given in the spring of THE M. This visiting professorship was established in through the generosity of alumni, faculty, friends, and the family of the late Dr. Glenn Koenig who served as professor of medicine and head of the Division of Infectious Diseases.

In recognition of Dr. The first visiting professorship was held in Established in by the Kroc Foundation in honor of Ray A. Kroc and Robert L. Kroc to support several visiting professors each year.

These individuals present a stateof-the-art lecture on diabetes, insulin action, or a related endocrine topic and consult with faculty members and their groups.

Post a comment Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! Disney Infinity 3. Blogger 13 November at He was an old-school carpenter. He meditation to be assured what you are presenting is the could fill in at her beauty shop for a few days. One of her beauticians had preferred to cut the angles on the rafters with a hand saw.

I don't think he Copeland truth. June agreed to do so, but when the other lady trusted a power saw. He drove nails with a claw hammer and he drove I guess you have heard the difference between a came back she didn't want to work any more so June wound up with a lots of nails. I remember one siding board which was 1" thick by 17" long in which die.

If the preacher's message is a mistake, souls may be lost After some time she had built up a pretty good clientele and she men- he put 17 ten penny nails. We teased him about it and he said, "Nails are Much of a preacher's time is spent going to the hospitals, visiting the tioned in passing it would be better if she owned her own shop.

I told her "I can build you a shop. I don't think any thing he built ever fell apart confused or in doubt about the meaning of a passage. And don't forget, know why I was so sure I could do that since I had never done anything from want of a nail. He was precise about his angles and strong corners, and it made for a and washing the car and so forth. With Rupert and Melvin Caffey helping, teaching and advising me on solid structure. But our subject was manual labor. Some folks think that is the only how to build a structure we got it done and it stood for over 20 years.

Melvin was my roofer. I got the job of carrying the bundles of shingles kind of labor there is. We have examples of preachers in the Bible who June helped build the building, but she didn't think hanging sheet rock in up the ladder onto the roof and distributing them to him as he nailed.

He did manual labor. I don't know if they had Noah was "a preacher of righteousness" 2 Peter and he was com- I really enjoyed building. The plumber we hired got sick and wasn't able power hammers back then, but Melvin didn't use one. He would squat missioned to "Build an ark. Another facing down the slope of the roof and pound out a rhythm, Rat-a-tat-tat, Paul was a tent maker and a tanner. Those two jobs went together, first for me. I left no leaks.

I could hardly carry the shingles to him fast enough. He is the since tents in those days were mostly made out of tanned hides and The house we were living in had only one small bathroom, and we best I've ever seen at shingling a house. As the girls grew to be teenagers you can guess what the This is just one example of how a preacher and his friends spent some A tanner was looked down on by the Jews.

Most all of the disciples had problem became. I was outnumbered four to one. It isn't a wise he would have likely bled out. It's a mental health Cpl. Kelly saved his own life. It was the last thing they did In the wake of the evil that was ment is more government. But problem, and Devin Kelley was a This isn't a suggestion to pack a things we could do as a country for on this planet.

It's about a mindset. It's the courage, capacity, and spirit- assess the situation quickly and act ter of time before the clamor for gun control are oddly quiet about So in a country that demands about self-sufficiency. It's about edness of the American people. We the inefficiency of a government solutions, what can we do about instinctively knowing what to do Instead, we have followed the path every angle, it's likely that some, are, after all a reactionary people that allowed Devin Kelley, the the Devin Kelley's of the world?

At worst, they would have feel they must react to our knee- Charleston church shooter, and a What we can do, however, is factor" and changing the way we this at home' mentality. There is a died with their boots on. We have to think about survival when the reason "Let's Roll" resonated with But training is just part of the legislative actions. It has to come from the Never mind that the same laws had been under law enforcement protecting ourselves.

My lifelong friend Lance Rob- Point taken. It's a mindset. There were, that a large segment of American scrutiny -- slip through the cracks. It happens that just a few days inson happened to have served Our most senior readers who by the grace of God, two Good society are demanding, would The truth is, as gun ownership after this tragic event, I came across in the same Air Force that Devin were schooled during the post-war Samaritans in Sutherland Springs have also shut down a courageous has gone through the roof over another story that might help make Kelley did, but that's where all 50s will remember the bomb shel- last week who had it, instinctively.

Lance is a retired ters and the drills that were held for Given that these types of mass the carnage stop in a Sutherland have actually gone down by Corporal Seth Kelly, a Pennsyl- professor and flight instructor at school students to prepare them shootings are likely to escalate, Springs, Texas church. And exist- roughly half during the same peri- vania State Trooper, was involved the Naval Academy in Colorado, for a possible atomic bomb attack.

More guns, less dying. It really in a routine traffic stop when who logged 36 missions over Iraq They came with the understanding continue to abate, is it unreason- Kelley should not have been able isn't that hard to understand why. He was fealess that no one is coming to help you able for us to prepare ourselves to purchase a gun in the first place, There are more of us than "them".

You have to help and our children, for what to do given his history of violence and Tragically, what has escalat- officer three times and inflicting po- the 70s, he was fearless during the yourself. His Air Force record time is mass shootings such as neck, shoulder, and leg.

Kelly When I asked about this incident Cho launched his murderous mis- about that. The problem isn't going never made it to the FBI's files. This in peace, faith and fellowship — a Seminole, Texas The deadly shooting at a church allow the mind-numbing repetition 58 and wounded nearly , we time, these are our neighbors, place where among the com- Phone: in Sutherland Springs last Sunday of such events to inure us to this won't ever know.

But what we know is bad Church of Sutherland Springs. The shalt not kill. This enough. It happened. County, unclear Sunday evening slaughter at Emmanuel African Seminole, Texas writing this same editorial with such nymity because the investigation is Sutherland Springs, population whether it was self-inflicted or from Methodist Episcopal Church in distressing regularity; as a state and continuing, identified the gunman according to the Cen- a citizen who fired on the gunman Charleston, South Carolina on Christy Hawkins Publisher a nation, we mourn the deaths of as Devin P.

Kelley, Among the sus, is in Wilson County and is 21 outside the church. June 17, It is still fresh in Dustin Wright Managing Editor innocents from yet another mass unknowns Sunday evening was miles east of San Antonio. The No information was released memory. Misty Ramirez Advertising Manager shooting, the death toll at 26 this a motive. And perhaps, as with ages of the dead: 5 to Parents, on the citizen who fired on the As with any mass shooting, this is Leo Copeland Staff Reporter Sam Holbrooks Staff Reporter gunman, who was wearing black a tragedy, but it is compounded in Devan Butler Advertising Sales and had on a tactical vest.

It's likely this instance because, if the death Nina Shelton Distribution this citizen saved lives. Distribution The weapon the murderer used to 7 percent of the small communi- for his deadly shooting spree was ty's population. Residents will likely Periodicals Postage Paid at reportedly a Ruger assault-style be related to or know someone Seminole, Texas rifle.

He apparently dropped it after killed in that church Sunday. Authorities Our hearts, prayers and thoughts The Seminole Sentinel strives to bring found other guns in his car. If nio. The Sentinel does reserve the right to edit and restrict pre-produced stories and P. Box Seminole, Texas information for space limitations, editorial Sign and include address and phone number You may also send your letter via the Internet.

For further information or any questions regarding this policy, contact Dustin Wright, Send it to Managing Editor, at or by news seminolesentinel. The Sentinel requests that letters be concise and reserves the Home Delivery Customers right to edit for libelous content or inappropriate language and Miss Your Paper? We will edit a letter to conform with the standards we Call from 8 a.

South Seminole Baptist S. James Catholic Hobbs Hwy. Church of Christ NW 5th St. Visit our web site: www. Main Quality Used Equipment S. Main or South Main S. Seminole P. Main W. Paul Ogden N. For changing emergency medical the community. Seminole EMS now many communities, volunteerism environment.

You look at because I'm disenchanted. But I'm doors, I'm going to miss it horribly. This now serves as a training facility for by Seminole EMS, volunteerism in and have participated in surgical department, cutting staff five years hold for me.

It will give service is a huge part of who I am. They provide our and ambulance service Bush both came into office hoping to take apart key EPA environmental rules, yet were often stymied by the courts, by green groups skilled at litigation, by career officials, and by sheer inertia.

Jody Freeman, a Harvard law school professor and former climate adviser to Obama, at this question extensively. What is the first thing you do on day one? So the first thing a new White House would do is essentially issue a stop-work order to the federal agencies — they freeze any pending rules coming out of those agencies and review them. In the past, most of those rules have wound up getting finished, and only very few of them usually get rolled back or reconsidered.

Basically, any rule under Obama that was finished after late May or early June — it depends how they count it — would be potentially subject to disapproval by a simple majority vote [in both the House and Senate]. So the new Congress will have to ask if they really want to spend the first 30, 60, days on Congressional Review Act fights. But this has actually never been tested, and no court has ever ruled on it.

The CRA has only ever been used once [in , to strike down a Clinton labor rule on ergonomics issued in late ]. Because some existing environmental laws [like the Clean Air Act] may a certain type of regulation. This could be a really interesting legal question going forward. Which rules are the most vulnerable? An example would be [from federal lands] that President Obama put in place.

The rules that are harder to rescind and roll back are rules that have already gone through the time-consuming notice and comment process and are final and have gone into legal effect already. For example, the , or. That takes time and effort to rescind, and in some cases industry would have already started to comply.

So that includes the Clean Power Plan and the rule [which redefines which rivers, streams, and lakes fall under Clean Water Act protection]. If those rules get struck down in court, the new Department of Justice in the Trump administration could decide not to defend them or to appeal them any further. In that case, it would fall to the interveners — environmental groups or states, which have to be parties to the case — to take up the mantle and appeal.

What can the Trump administration actually do to stop it? Assuming the courts agreed, which is not guaranteed, then the EPA could try to rescind the rule and replace it with something new. But the EPA would have to go out for public comment on that — and that usually takes a year or two. The EPA would also have to address the fact that the agency already had decided the Clean Power Plan, so why are they changing their minds now? What is in the record to support that change? They could say they have a narrower approach to setting the standard, and they might get deference from the court.

But that would play itself out in years of litigation. What is the step-by-step process a Trump EPA has to go through? You have to be able to defend it as non-arbitrary.

So there is a legal standard here. Then the agency has to take time to consider and respond to all the public comments on the proposed rule and develop a record that shows they thought carefully about them. If they try to shortchange this process and rush out a brand new rule, it really will not go well for them when they get into court. The courts will also invalidate a rule change that, in the substance of it, looks arbitrary to them. That has a voluminous scientific foundation behind it.

We saw this during the George W. You saw this when the Bush administration , [a Clinton-era rule prohibiting road construction and timber harvesting on national forest land]. And that was also litigated, and [after eight years] the Bush administration. So those are cautionary tales.

We have seen Republican administrations come in before and try to roll things back. Where will they have the easiest time prevailing? There are easier things to do — like if the Obama administration finishes the [an Interior Department rule that governs mining waste disposal in waterways], you could imagine a Trump administration trying to roll that back before it becomes legally effective.

And like I said, the coal leasing moratorium can be lifted with a stroke of a pen. And of course, Trump can withdraw from the unilaterally. Which seems most likely?

What Trump could much more easily do is simply not meet the US pledge for Paris. It seems like this will really change under Trump — with potentially major implications for regulatory agencies like the EPA.

This office oversees the methodology that agencies use to count up costs and benefits for new rules. That can be changed with the stroke of a pen. That changes the calculus for which rules are cost-beneficial.

There are also a that were issued from the Obama White House, not the agencies themselves. Like this order that told the agencies to help communities prepare for climate change. Those executive orders can be easily reversed, right? That also includes from the Council on Environmental Quality that governs how agencies should consider greenhouse-gas emissions when they conduct Environmental Impact Statements.

Every agency has to do these Environmental Impact Statements [for instance, the State Department had to do one before approving the Keystone XL pipeline]. Every executive order can be replaced with a new executive order, or withdrawn completely. A slightly different question. There are a lot of ways to slow down implementation and to try to minimize enforcement. That said, there are a lot of internal checks on this kind of dismantling from within. That said, a very determined administration that really wants to pull back on implementation and enforcement will find ways to pull back.

They can give more leeway to the states, for example, when the states draft their plans for complying with their state implementation plans [for EPA pollution rules like the ]. Or bringing fewer enforcement actions. The president can also ask for less money. There can be death by a thousand cuts in this way. But what some people fear is that Trump is sworn into office and he eliminates the EPA. The GOP House since How much leeway does the individual at the head of an agency have to change things?

That obviously has an impact on career staff, on the morale. So even political appointees will be disciplined by legal requirements. And they end up moderating some of their views. There are also laws that were passed by Congress like the Clean Air Act that will continue to require updates of existing regulations over time, on a set schedule. How much can appointees that are philosophically opposed to regulation really drag their heels here? There is some leeway for agencies to miss deadlines, they miss deadlines all the time.

At some point, though, courts will step in and require agencies to take some action. Certainly there will be some slippage. Agencies can miss deadlines by a year, two years, and courts will give them a lot of room, because they recognize agencies have a lot of priorities.

But if an agency routinely and systematically misses deadlines and it looks like political interference, then courts may become quite skeptical. And they may well wind up providing an accountability mechanism for any real effort to stymie these agencies systematically. Okay, but what if Trump starts filling the courts with appointees more likely to rule in his favor? Yeah, you may get judges who are more skeptical of ambitious regulations — or regulations that creatively press the boundaries of a statute.

There will be some brakes on what they can do. I realize I sound almost cheerful — I am not! The shooting took place in the small city of Americus. The slain cop served on the Americus police force, while the other works for the university. The second officer was in critical condition after the shooting, Georgia Bureau of Investigation representative Nelly Miles said.

Both were shot while responding to a call about a domestic dispute, Miles said. Georgia Southwestern State, a school that has about 3, students, told its campus community to shelter in place Wednesday morning because of the shooting. Americus is some miles south of Atlanta and is near Plains, the birthplace of former President Jimmy Carter.

Georgia police officer killed, another in 'very, very critical' condition after responding to domestic dispute feeds. Hawaii time Wednesday, marking 75 years to the minute when the first Japanese war planes filled the skies Dec.

The USS Halsey sounded its whistle to signal the solemn moment as thousands of Pearl Harbor veterans, their families and other dignitaries bowed their heads. The minute of silence was broken by four F fighter jets flying overhead through clear blue skies in a "missing man formation" in honor of those who died. Some of the Pearl Harbor survivors were in their seats at Kilo Pier before 6 a. On the front row were three Navy veterans — shipmates on the USS Arizona that fateful morning when a Japanese bomb crippled and sunk the mighty battleship.

They were among survivors from a crew of 2, The trio — Lauren Bruner, Donald Stratton and Lou Conter — shook hands and signed autographs, surrounded by people eager to meet them. Conter, dressed in Navy whites and a red lei, smiled widely as people asked for his autograph and posed for pictures with him. A fourth Arizona survivor made the trip, but fell ill and could not attend Wednesday's memorial.

The fifth of the remaining Arizona survivors, Lonnie Cook, did not travel to Hawaii. Two years ago, when nine survivors remained, four of them met on the Arizona memorial for a final champagne toast to their fallen shipmates. Jim Downing, who came from Colorado Springs, Colo. Downing, , says he spent two hours fighting fires and checking the name tags of the dead so he could write their families personal notes about how they died.

He summed up his vivid impressions of that fateful day: Surprise, fear, anger and pride. The honor is accorded sailors and Marines who were assigned to the Arizona on Dec. Since , when the practice began, 39 crew members have been interred in the ship. A third crewman, Raymond Haerry, died in September and will be interred in the ship next year. Nearly half the casualties occurred that day on the USS Arizona, where 1, of the 2,man crew perished.

Eighteen ships were sunk or run aground, American aircraft were destroyed and nearly as many were damaged. The Japanese launched the attack from six aircraft carriers, dispatching fighters and bombers in two waves. The Americans were caught unprepared to fight back in force.

The Arizona sunk 14 minutes after the attack began and many U. The day after the attack, President Roosevelt addressed Congress and the nation, calling Dec. McKinnon is a reporter for the Arizona Republic. Stanglin reported from McLean, Va. Remembering Pearl Harbor spectator. Pakistani fashion designer and pop icon Junaid Jamshed, who owned clothing stores in Houston, Dallas and other cities, has died in a plane crash in his native country.

His company confirmed the death Wednesday on Facebook. Junaid Jamshed has passed away. The store will be closed from December 7th to December 9th in his honor. Please remember him in your prayers. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience," the post said. He was a recording artist, television personality, fashion designer, occasional actor, singer-songwriter, preacher and televangelist. Jamshed was one of 43 people on board a Pakistani International Airlines plane flying from Chitral to Islamabad when it went down Wednesday.

He also owned stores in Dallas, Chicago and New York. On the store's Facebook page, fan reaction was immediate.

Story continues below. Everything has an end. May he, and others who were on that flight be blessed, and may Allah give their families courage. Aameen," wrote Muhammad Ukasha. The singer turned televangelist had almost 2. Jamshed is survived by his wife, three sons and a daughter. The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

In an interview published Wednesday with the Belgian Catholic weekly Tertio, Francis repeated a frequent warning of his that the media can fall prey to spreading slander, scandal, defamation and disinformation. He said: "Disinformation is probably the greatest damage that the media can do, as opinion is guided in one direction, neglecting the other part of the truth.

Popes do not endorse political candidates, though he urged Catholic voters to "study the proposals well, pray and choose in conscience. The officers — one with the local police department and one with the school — were called to a domestic dispute off campus at a.

Both officers were shot on the scene. The officer who died is with the Americus Police Department, police said. A Georgia Southwestern State University public safety officer was in critical condition. This is a breaking news story. Please check back for updates. Charges dropped against man in Wayne State University officer's shooting death cbsnews.

A source familiar with the situation told Reuters on Wednesday that Trump was expected to name Kelly, 66, to head the agency, which oversees border security, but did not elaborate. Kelly is the former head of the military's Southern Command, where he was responsible for U. Kelly retired in January, after a year military career. The Republican president-elect, who has no military experience, also plans to nominate retired General James Mattis to lead the Department of Defense and picked retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn to be his national security adviser.

Although Kelly's military experience may give him insight into overseas threats like drug trafficking or Islamist militancy, he would face new challenges at an agency that oversees everything from airport security to protecting against cyber threats and responding to domestic security crises.

In testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Kelly warned of potentially dire consequences from illegal immigration on the U. Such sentiments may have endeared him to Trump, who warned repeatedly during his presidential campaign of dangers from immigration, and pledged to build a wall along the border and make Mexico pay for it. Kelly also questioned the Pentagon's decision to allow women to serve in combat, and differed publicly with President Barack Obama over the Democrat's attempt to close the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba.

When asked what he thinks about Donald Trump, Taiwanese politician Freddy Lim responded with a laugh. He hopes the call is just the beginning. Read more German firms in Mexico brace for negative Trump impact -survey dailymail. Bob Dole facilitated Donald Trump call with Taiwan leader presstelegram.

Dole facilitated Trump call with Taiwan's leader cbs President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly picked retired Gen. But the way Kelly sees the world, and his potential next job, goes way beyond the border or the wall. He sees the challenges to US security as holistic and regional — and believes that fixing them requires doing more throughout Latin America, not simply walling off the United States. And it could determine whether the threats to American security that Trump hyped while running for president are actually quashed — or whether they continue to be exploited for political gain.

As I stated last year, terrorist organizations could seek to leverage those same smuggling routes to move operatives with intent to cause grave harm to our citizens or even bring weapons of mass destruction into the United States. As DHS secretary, Kelly would probably be the point person for actually building such a wall.

But he also appears to believe it was too little, too late — that the US needed to be thinking of border security as a problem of regional stability way earlier. He appeared to issue a subtle criticism of the response to the border crisis in his Senate testimony. I believe this is a mistake. Different analyses of a problem lead to different proposed solutions.

During the border crisis, for example, highlighted rumors that the US would grant amnesty to people who arrived before a particular date as a chief reason why so many children were entering the country. As a result, they criticized the Obama administration for not doing more to detain and deport new arrivals — and not sending a strong enough message by deporting more unauthorized immigrants who were already here. But Kelly did not agree with that assessment at all.

But it also has deeper implications for immigration policy. Who else is picked to serve under Kelly at DHS will be important — not just for policy but also for management. And unlike his fellow former generals secretary of defense nominee James Mattis and National Security Adviser Michael Flynn , Kelly has managed to remain above partisan sniping so far, which makes him fairly well respected on the Hill.

DHS has over the 15 years of its existence. Outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has made management reform a priority of his tenure. Donald Trump likes to slam China for unfairly devaluing its currency, but there's a problem with his attacks: They're the precise opposite of what China is doing.

The president-elect took to Twitter as recently as Sunday and went after China as a currency manipulator that reduces the value of the yuan so that it can get the upper hand with its exports. Trump's accusations would have been true a decade ago, when China always pegged the yuan low against the dollar in an effort to make its exports — which were priced in yuan — cheap relative to U.

Those currency machinations did, in fact, give China a trade advantage. But today, China is spending its foreign currency reserves like crazy, buying up the yuan on foreign exchange markets in a desperate attempt to keep its currency from plunging.

Markets are sending the yuan lower by themselves — too low, for Beijing's taste. A weak yuan prompts Chinese citizens to try to move their wealth into other currencies at a time when China and its leader Xi Jinping are deeply concerned about capital fleeing the country.

A weak yuan also risks sparking a currency war with China's regional neighbors and trading partners, who could respond by diminishing their own currencies. China, the world's second-largest economy, has struggled mightily to keep its currency from free-falling, especially since last year when the Chinese economy slowed and the yuan started moving lower with it. That said, a large part of the dollar's gains have come since Trump's victory against Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

I wonder who is advising Trump on this. In , the Chinese government set a goal for itself: It wanted the yuan added to the International Monetary Fund's reserve currency basket — an elite global designation that at that time was held by only the dollar, the yen, the euro and British pound sterling. The Chinese government allowed the yuan's value to flow more freely, and the currency was added to the IMF's reserve basket earlier this year, marking the first time the organization added a currency to the basket since China says it welcomes Trump appointee while criticizing Japan upi.

Branstad is Trump's pick for ambassador to China article. The Republican appeared at Riverdale High School in Port Byron on Wednesday to sign legislation he said will save thousands of jobs by rewarding Exelon for producing carbon-free energy. Exelon said in a statement that the measure, known as the Future Energy Jobs Bill, "safeguards the state's top source of clean energy, protects and creates thousands of jobs and strengthens the Illinois economy, while preserving competitive rates.

BEST Coalition also says subsidizing the plants will mean a steep increase in rates. The Latest: 'Clean jobs' group applauds Rauner on Exelon charlotteobserver. Rauner signs bill sparing 2 nuclear plants dailymail. James said it was the first time in his career he hasn't stayed with his team, though he said he rode the bus to the morning shootaround as usual with the squad.

James endorsed Hillary Clinton and campaigned with her in Ohio. Several of his teammates, including Richard Jefferson, Iman Shumpert and others have expressed their disappointment about Trump's win. Coach Tyronn Lue, who stayed with the team, was asked if it was odd to have the players split up on the road.

My main thing is to try to get this team to stay on track and play the right way and try to get back on track by playing Cleveland Cavalier basketball. Nonetheless, the complex two-stage strategy the GOP Congress is contemplating has raised concerns. The plan is for Congress to first use a special budget-related procedure to repeal major portions of the Affordable Care Act , or ACA, next year.

The effective date of that repeal would be delayed by months or years to give lawmakers time to write replacement legislation. But it would not involve as much federal regulation, and it would eliminate a highly unpopular requirement that most Americans get health insurance or face fines. It predicts heavy collateral damage for people buying individual health insurance policies independent of government markets like HealthCare.

Though nonpartisan, the Urban Institute generally supports the goal of extending coverage to all Americans. The new analysis warns that repealing major parts of the health law without a clear replacement could upend the health insurance market for people buying their coverage directly, outside of the workplace. That group has grown substantially under the health care law, but also includes millions of other customers.

The study found that Another 7. That could happen if insurers lose confidence in the Republican promise of a replacement and abandon the individual market. A key industry worry is that a repeal law would get rid of subsidies and mandates but still leave insurers on the hook for covering people with health problems. The number of uninsured people would rise to nearly 59 million in , and the nation would have a higher uninsured rate than when the ACA passed in , the study found.

Federal and state governments would save tens of billions of dollars, but the potential price would be social dislocation and a political backlash. Boeing has pledged to control costs on the redesign of Air Force One after President-elect Donald Trump blasted the aerospace giant for the ballooning expenses, a company spokesman said Wednesday. Boeing chief executive Dennis Muilenburg reassured Trump in a phone call Tuesday night about its commitment to keeping a tight rein on costs for the presidential plane, after the president-elect earlier in the day tweeted that the price tag was "out of control.

Trump on his election win and committed to working with the new administration to control costs as they establish requirements for the new Air Force One to keep the program as affordable as possible and deliver the best value to American taxpayers," a Boeing spokesman told AFP.

The legendary Air Force One jets -- light blue and white liveried, with "United States of America" emblazoned on the fuselage and an American flag on the tail -- are a powerful symbol of US might, but the current models are nearing the end of their year lifespan. The planes are equipped with numerous security and defensive measures, most of which are top secret, as well as the ability to refuel in flight. Though he has frequently singled out particular companies for criticism, Trump's latest attack-by-tweet came an hour after the Chicago Tribune posted an article on its website quoting Muilenburg expressing concern about the president-elect's protectionist bent, and noting the firm's growing business with China.

It was unclear if Trump was aware of Muilenburg's comments before his outburst, but several US media were raising the possibility of a connection. Trump defends Boeing tweet, says companies shouldn't worry article. Some 10, migrating snow geese have died after landing in a lake laden with toxic heavy metals and sulphuric acid. Maintaining the lake, which has formed in an old open pit mine in Butte, Montana, is the responsibility of Montana Resources and Atlantic Richfield. Montana Resources and the Environmental Protection Agency EPA are using drones and aircraft to accurately count the number of dead birds, the Billings Gazette reported.

Read more Thousands of snow geese die after landing in a toxic mine pit in Montana latimes. It is the rare undergraduate who captures the attention of his instructors, particularly on a big and competitive campus like UC Berkeley. Golburt had Madden in two classes: 19th century Russian literature and a seminar on the Ukranian writer Nikolai Gogol.

Holyoke College in Massachusetts. He always had a question about something. He ushered at Cal Performances, where jazz, choral music, classical and world music cross the stage.

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