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Please contact the Department of Agriculture to make your protest heard. Write a polite letter to email, post or fax, voicing your opposition at this cruel barbaric treatment, asking for the Dept to stop promoting mulesing.

Fax: Email: enquires agric. Crutching all sheep during the start of the blowfly season is the better alternative to mulesing. This gives the farmer an opportunity to take a closer look at each individual animal who may also have other problems at the time. Crutching entails shearing the wool from around the whole breech area starting from about two inches above the base of the tail and including the tail and down the back and sides of both back legs. The pizzle area, under the belly is shorn and the whole face area around the eyes, ears horns and top of the head wool is removed.

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The second generation involves calculating estimated breeding values. Australian Sheep Breeding Values have been available since for traits such as breech wrinkle and cover, to help wool producers select their ram purchases. Now, research and development is focusing on analysis of the sheep genome, in conjunction with data on breech characteristics and flystrike incidence.

This analysis should identify genomic selection tools for improving flystrike resistance in merinos, which would improve the accuracy of selection and lead to faster genetic gain.

This project has only recently begun as DNA chip technology has become more available, and so it is likely to be several years before new selection tools are available.

The use of clips as an alternative to mulesing is no longer in development. Several other approaches are in the early stages of proof of concept for replacing mulesing, including:. Liquid nitrogen , which is used in human medicine to remove warts and small skin tumours, is being investigated for its potential as a mulesing alternative. Application of liquid nitrogen damages skin cells through the freezing and thawing action. The theory is that this skin damage and subsequent healing will provide an increase in bare area and reduction in wrinkle.

Initial work suggests that the application of liquid nitrogen has the potential to reduce breech wrinkle by 1. Preliminary studies by CSIRO have shown that, although the application of liquid nitrogen appears to cause some initial discomfort in sheep, the overall effect is very mild.

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Progress on alternatives to mulesing Although breeding strategies offer a long-term and permanent benefit, many wool producers continue to have their sheep mulesed in the interim to manage the risk of flystrike. This risk depends on local conditions and the particular type of sheep.

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  1. Jun 22,  · Mulesing is a crude attempt to create smoother skin that won’t collect moisture, but the exposed, bloody wounds often become infected or flystruck. Many sheep who have undergone the mulesing mutilation still suffer slow, agonizing deaths from flystrike. Mutilating sheep is not just cruel; it’s also ineffective.
  2. Medical definition of mulesing: the use of Mules operation to reduce the occurrence of blowfly strike.
  3. Mulesing is a practice in which skin is removed from the rear of the Merino sheep - without anesthetization - in order to prevent flies from laying their larvae on the sheep. When sheep become infested with these maggots, they can fall ill with severe infections which can even lead to the sheep’s death.
  4. Mulesing entails running a sharp knife around the breech area about the size of a dinner plate, then ripping off the wool bearing skin within that area. However many so - called mulesers also rip the skin off the already docked tails; which is totally unacceptable.
  5. Mulesing has been a routine surgical procedure in sheep farming and wool production for nearly years. Flystrike is when blowflies lay their eggs in the folds of skin around the tail area of the sheep, the eggs then hatch into larvae, and then feed off the flesh of the sheep, risking blood poisoning and death if untreated.
  6. Mulesing is a barbaric effort to create smoother skin that won’t collect moisture and attract egg-laying flies, leading to “flystrike.” But the exposed, bloody wounds often become infected with maggots anyway, causing many mulesed sheep to suffer and endure prolonged, agonizing deaths. When PETA first exposed this gruesome procedure, it prompted international outrage.
  7. Nov 09,  · Mulesing is a painful procedure that involves cutting crescent-shaped flaps of skin from around a lamb’s breech and tail using sharp shears designed specifically for this purpose. The resulting wound, when healed, creates an area of bare, stretched scar tissue.
  8. Find the perfect Mulesing stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Mulesing of the highest quality.
  9. mass noun The process of removing folds of skin from the tail area of a sheep, intended to reduce fly strike. ‘Let us look at what happened to the Australian meat industry when it was discovered by consumers overseas that farmers were mulesing their sheep.’.

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